Joy to the world

14 12 2013


Christmas is supposed to bring with it feelings of joy, peace and goodwill. However thanks to one annual nuisance I am feeling a lot of things and goodwill is not amongst them.

Once a year the Rotary Club park their Christmas float – pictured above – directly below my flat and blast out Christmas music for about 8 hours whilst a well meaning member dressed in a poorly fitting Santa suit collects money from passersby.

As I can hear this music clear as a bell over the television set in my front room this is cause for some distress and frustration. However these feelings are amplified by the fact that each year I work towards a big Christmas show which is always the second Friday of December. It is an intense build up to this event and I am always relieved when it is over. I also finish my part time Saturday job the week before this meaning that today was my first Saturday off in some time.

Being woken from my sleep by Ding dong Merrily on flipping high does less to promote my sense of festive cheer and is more likely to inspire rage resulting in a phone filmed video dubbed “crazy pregnant lady takes baseball bat to charity Christmas float” on You’ve Been Framed.

The music has now stopped and my unseasonable sense of venom is gradually subsiding: Joy to the world!





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