I want ALL FOOD!

30 09 2013


I have had an uncharacteristically gluttonous day.


I feel like a cross between Mr Greedy, the very hungry caterpillar and one of the contestants of Biggest Loser having a particularly bad day off the wagon.

My body surely cannot need all the junk that I have put into it but my appetite has been insatiable. I want breakfast cereal bars, hash browns, shepherd’s pie, pasta bake, sugary cola, black forest desert, milky bar buttons, roast chicken crisps, a dozen glasses of milk, whatever the neighbour was cooking earlier that filled the communal hallway with a delicious cooking smell and to top it all off Haribo jellies sprinkled lovingly over Viennetta ice cream.

I have not indulged all these whims – my neighbour may have been upset if I had gatecrashed her family dinner – but I am depressingly not far off either.

I do feel a little guilty but I suppose it is rare for me to have such a pig out day and once in a while a little bit of what you fancy (or a lot in my case) does you good and helps you snuggle up in bed feeling deeply profoundly contented.

Pre-emptive stress

29 09 2013


The weekend is not quite over; however I am already experiencing high levels of stress in anticipation of my day at work tomorrow.

Bad days happen – fact.

However you know things are bad when find yourself anticipating just how hideous they will be in advance and permitting your anxiety to build.

Work Life balance = nonexistent.

Priorities need to shift.

Maybe if I simply stay in bed and pull the covers over my head it will all sort itself out in my absence?





29 09 2013

I have been part of the postaday challenge since back in mid-January. For the most part I have been successful in writing something (however uninspiring) each day and maintaining a bit of discipline with my writing. But lately I have been finding it tough.

I am suffering with fatigue and finding it harder and harder to motivate myself to post every day. When I do miss a day, I try to post twice the subsequent day to make up for it and I am currently still adding the postaday banner each time I blog.

I have been questioning at what point I need to accept failure and stop adding the banner but I am reluctant to do this as that may mark the point when I accept that this challenge is too difficult and give up entirely. I have known other people to attempt the challenge only to give up a few weeks in when writers block first rears its ugly head when I managed to work through that stage several times.

For now I will struggle on and hope my fatigue passes, but I hope this does not mark the beginning of the end for me and my beloved blog.

Drinking Responsibly…

27 09 2013

drink responsibly

Is very dull 😦


The future father of my children…has Man Flu

26 09 2013

Man Flu

After a very successful open evening I returned home at the unreasonably late time of 9:30pm to discover FFOMC flat on his back on the sofa, nose streaming, eyes puffy and showing all the symptoms of man flu.

As any woman who has ever had to put up with this condition will know – the symptoms go way beyond a sniffle, temperature and slightly raised temperature. In fact according to the great little chart I discovered online, only 2% of the time spent by the sufferer are devoted to experiencing flu like symptoms.

A further 17% of the time spent suffering this condition is devoted to the incessant groaning and writhing of a man suffering. This is an important element as it guarantees that the woman in said man’s life will not have a moment when she can forget that her beloved is feeling poorly. Of course any acknowledgement by the woman of the groaning and writhing will lead naturally to the16% of a typical man flu when the man immerses himself in the process of describing the symptoms in detail, down to colour and consistency of mucus, scratchiness of the throat and suggestions of the favoured brand of ice cream that is believed may help alleviate the symptoms.

Now that the woman is fully in the picture of the gravity of the situation and the high risk of an early demise that accompanies the condition she is of course obliged to  address the 25%  of the man’s time demanding sympathy.

As FFOMC has sadly had man flu before and I have had an extremely long day at school resulting in a lower tolerance threshold than usual, I am going to bed enabling him to treat his ailment by taking up residence in front of the TV.

Good night all – I wish you good health and the absence of man flu in your own homes – but beware, I understand it is VERY CONTAGIOUS.


The future father of my children is…a bookworm

25 09 2013


When he is not stealing cars, committing bank robbery and engaging in dubious activities with hookers on GTA5; FFOMC spends much of his time with his nose in a book.

This is a hobby of which I am entirely supportive. He is extremely well read and enjoys a wide range of genres (although fantasy is without a doubt his favourite). The ability to lose oneself in a good book is a pleasure and an opportunity to escape in alternate realities and FFOMC can become really absorbed in his reading material.

He is currently working his way through a blogging challenge answering questions about books he has read and is on Day 10: a book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving. I love a good book myself and he has made some great recommendations over the years we have been together and has bought me some great presents such as The Hobbit, The Witching Hour and he even indulges my interest in Batman comics and graphic novels from time to time. Without a doubt, it was his suggestion that I read Terry Goodkind’s series, The Sword of Truth that has given me the most pleasure as a reader.

Of course as is the case with many hobby’s it can be irritating on occasion particularly on holiday when he can lose 8-10 hours, often totally forgetting that I am even there.

We spoke recently about our favourite childhood books. If he is to be a future father then it is probably best that we share the same ideals when bringing up our future children. We are in total agreement about classics like The Hungry Caterpillar, Meg and Mog and of course the Mr Men and Little Miss books. However he does not quite share my passion for Peace at Last and Where’s My Hat, and has berated my poor parents for not introducing me to Dr Seuss. I cannot abide anything by Roald Dahl and I doubt he cares much for The Worst Witch or Sweet Valley High.

No doubt our future children will have their favourites, and just to try us, they will bear no resemblance to our own nostalgic attachments to books read to us by our own parents, but I feel we should ensure that they experience the joy of reading and being read to.

What is your favourite childhood book and why?



24 09 2013


Self Evaluation

23 09 2013

evaluation 1Ahhh its that time of year again.

I must complete a dozen forms to justify my existance and beg to move up the payscale.

Apparently it is not sufficient to look at the grades achieved by my students, the countless drop in observations completed of my practice throughout the year, my contribution at department, faculty and whole school level or even my commitment to new whole school policy and practice.

One might think that consideration would be given to the fact that I ran the department for a year, completed the paperwork – useful and useless alike, managed a number of supply staff, set cover work, led the team through an Ofsted inspection.

But despite all the student voice activities, the success of my summer production, the organisation of readers for the carol service and entertainment for the outgoing head teachers retirement party consisting of original pieces of drama written specially for the occassion; I must REFLECT of the past year and EVALUATE what I learnt, the progress I made, how I could improve, what new training I would benefit from and what would be a good next step.

I question what else I can bring to the table. But nevertheless I must work it out and commit it to writing in triplicate!

Apparently a Tony the Tiger “I’m Great!” will not suffice – I know I checked.

I am all for professional development – but at what stage am I “developed enough”?

Candy Crush Level 65

21 09 2013


I discovered Candy Crush over the summer holidays.

It is exactly the sort of game I should avoid like the plague. I have found it highly addictive and I have found myself waiting anxiously for my lives to reboot so I can continue to play.

However after a fairly good run I have become stuck on level 65 for what seems to have been an intollerable amount of time and before it ruins my life I am looking for any tips and tricks to help me move on.

I discovered an online conversation about it and it would appear that my frustration is shared by many players.

*SIGH* I could of course stop playing and find more worthy causes with which to fill my precious free time – but where would be the fun of that?


20 09 2013


This evening I wanted to gve a shout out to a friend who has just published his first book Karroté.

My copy is making its way to me coutesy of royal mail and I cannot wait to read it.

Karroté is described as “a comedy fantasy for adults. This novel strips away all of the conventional romance and fluffy niceties associated with the talking animal genre. It laughs in the face of cute, and flips the vees at cuddly. Welcome to life at the bottom of the Food Chain”.

It appeals to people who are also fans of Terry Prachett and similiar writers and given author Duncan Watkinson’s natural wit and charm I am confident it will prove an entertaining and popular read.

Please show your support by buying a copy – it is available on amazon (see below).

For more information check out:




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