Suggestions Please

24 10 2014


As you will have noticed I have been attempting a little baking while I am on maternity leave. I don’t want to be a total cliche but I decided that I didn’t want to be one of those Mums who cannot make their son a birthday cake. Not that I  am making any judgement about those who do choose store bought options – after all there is a wide range of fantastic cakes and treats available now without the hassle or the almighty mess that baking creates in ones kitchen. However for me it is about choice and having never baked a single thing in my life I felt that it was a case of now or never.

So far I have successfully attempted two simple recipes for Cheesecake and Pavlova.

To inspire me further, FOMS came home the other night with the object pictured. A dinosaur shaped baking tin (there is a bit of a ‘dino’ theme happening in our household at the minute).

The only issue is I have absolutely no idea what to do with it.

Next week I am taking my son to his first Halloween party and have been tasked with bringing a dessert so I implore any of the bakers among you to give me some suggestions of simple tried and tested recipes utilizing my dinosaur tin. Preferably something that will make me the envy of all the other Mums 😉

I will of course post a picture of the finished product.

Strawberry Cheesecake

30 08 2014

Whilst on maternity leave I am determined to pick up some new skills. I have never ever made any home made deserts before so I thought I would give it a go.

It turns out that FOMB (father of my boy) loves strawberry cheesecake so I got a recipe from my Mum and gave it a go.

The results were fab and I was pretty proud of my first attempt pictures above.

If you want to try to make your own version of this cheesecake the ingredients are listed below:


8 ozs crushed digestive biscuits

4 ozs margarine

1tsp cinnamon – optional

1 large can evaporated milk

1 lemon jelly – flavour of your choice

Πpint boiling water

8 ozs cream cheese (e.g. philidelphia)

4 ozs caster sugar

Lemon colouring

Lemon flavouring

Once you have all your ingredients ready just follow the simple steps below:


1/ Grease 7” loose bottomed cake tin in a dish

2/ Place digestive biscuits in a sandwich bag and crush them with a rolling pin.

3/ Melt margarine in a pan then add the crushed biscuits.

4/ Spice mixture – optional

5/ Press mixture into the tin and place in the fridge while preparing the top.


1/ Beat evaporated milk until thick and creamy and leave to one side.

2/ Dissolve jelly in the boiling water. Alternatively dissolve in microwave without adding water.

3/ In another bowl, beat cream cheese and sugar together. Add all ingredients and beat together. Add flavouring and colouring at this point if desired.

4/ pour mixture over the base and leave for minimum of 4 hours to set.

5/ Decorate with fresh cream, fruit, grapes, flake or even nuts.


I made some changes such as using strawberry jelly instead of lemon and I left out the colouring and lemon flavouring.

Epic Clear Out Part 2

28 12 2013

Book collection

My Epic clear out that started some time ago with my shoes is not progressing as quickly as I had initially planned or hoped. I have no energy with which to approach such complicated tasks right now and any endeavour taking longer than 10mins of my time seems to exhaust me beyond reason.

However the time has come to tackle the mammoth task of managing our book collection. It will come as no surprise that FFOMC and I are both big readers. Moreover we both value books and believe them to be amongst the few sacred things we own. We take care of them and find it extremely difficult to part with them. However they are gradually taking over our home with our post Christmas selection of new titles still underneath our Christmas tree, an ever growing hoard in the bedroom and a computer room collection that cannot be confined to the bookshelves originally purchased to contain our obsession.

But time for change before our home looks like this:

book hoarder 3

Watch this space for an after picture hopefully with a lot fewer books and a lot more space to clutter with baby stuff.




Shopping trip

9 11 2013

Shopping TRipI am clearly “in the zone” when it comes to Christmas shopping this year. I have made a cracking start and have most close family bought for.

Another little shopping trip today with my huband took care of a few more items on my list and there are many online purchases currently making there way to me.

Feeling very virtuous about my organisational skills but need to make the most of this high as I will not be on the Sherry this year.

The future father of my children is…a bookworm

25 09 2013


When he is not stealing cars, committing bank robbery and engaging in dubious activities with hookers on GTA5; FFOMC spends much of his time with his nose in a book.

This is a hobby of which I am entirely supportive. He is extremely well read and enjoys a wide range of genres (although fantasy is without a doubt his favourite). The ability to lose oneself in a good book is a pleasure and an opportunity to escape in alternate realities and FFOMC can become really absorbed in his reading material.

He is currently working his way through a blogging challenge answering questions about books he has read and is on Day 10: a book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving. I love a good book myself and he has made some great recommendations over the years we have been together and has bought me some great presents such as The Hobbit, The Witching Hour and he even indulges my interest in Batman comics and graphic novels from time to time. Without a doubt, it was his suggestion that I read Terry Goodkind’s series, The Sword of Truth that has given me the most pleasure as a reader.

Of course as is the case with many hobby’s it can be irritating on occasion particularly on holiday when he can lose 8-10 hours, often totally forgetting that I am even there.

We spoke recently about our favourite childhood books. If he is to be a future father then it is probably best that we share the same ideals when bringing up our future children. We are in total agreement about classics like The Hungry Caterpillar, Meg and Mog and of course the Mr Men and Little Miss books. However he does not quite share my passion for Peace at Last and Where’s My Hat, and has berated my poor parents for not introducing me to Dr Seuss. I cannot abide anything by Roald Dahl and I doubt he cares much for The Worst Witch or Sweet Valley High.

No doubt our future children will have their favourites, and just to try us, they will bear no resemblance to our own nostalgic attachments to books read to us by our own parents, but I feel we should ensure that they experience the joy of reading and being read to.

What is your favourite childhood book and why?



20 09 2013


This evening I wanted to gve a shout out to a friend who has just published his first book Karroté.

My copy is making its way to me coutesy of royal mail and I cannot wait to read it.

KarrotĂ© is described as “a comedy fantasy for adults. This novel strips away all of the conventional romance and fluffy niceties associated with the talking animal genre. It laughs in the face of cute, and flips the vees at cuddly. Welcome to life at the bottom of the Food Chain”.

It appeals to people who are also fans of Terry Prachett and similiar writers and given author Duncan Watkinson’s natural wit and charm I am confident it will prove an entertaining and popular read.

Please show your support by buying a copy – it is available on amazon (see below).

For more information check out:

follow : @DunxWatkinson


Grand Theft Auto 5 Widow

17 09 2013


I would not generally describe FFOMC as the “bouncy” type, however tonight he bounced through the front door at the end of his working day full of the joys of spring and giddy as a teenager.

At midnight last night customers queued at gaming stores to acquire their copy of the latest in the GTA series.

FFOMC did not join the midnight fans but arrived home clutching his own copy that he bought before work. I made sure I checked his bag for scorch marks as this game appeared to be burning a hole in its canvass prison throughout the day begging to be played.

The first order of business after a beaming explanation of the nights entertainment was to complete the set up in the computer room, transferring cables and consoles, downloading goodness only knows what and readying his man-cave for what I anticipate will be a long night.

A short amount of time was allocated for a hasty dinner but I get the impression that had it taken longer than 25mins from his walking through the door that his would have been enjoyed on a tray and most definitely in the other room.

I have often joined the ranks of women abandoned by their partners on “new release day” and have resigned myself to the temporary (I hope) position of GTA5 Widow. Although I am hopeful that the position will be rendered more tolerable by FFOMC’s acquisition of a set of headphones so I cannot hear what I can only describe as the sultry drone of “ghetto slang” through the ever so thin walls.