Dream Home – Living the dream

23 10 2014

Visit to our property with Joseph in May 2014.


Anyone who has been following my blog will know that my longest held ambition has been to own a home of my own.

During my absence from blogging while I was pregnant with my first son, I achieved my dream. FOMC and I found a place in November 2013 and after much paperwork and going back and forth between solicitors, agents and builders we finally exchanged on 15th September 2014.

I love my new home. It is bright and airy, clean and fresh and the perfect environment in which my boy will grow up.

I have spoken at length in the past about how much home ownership means to me  and to be sitting at my computer writing my final post about getting onto the property ladder is simply the most amazing feeling in the world. On Saturday morning I was woken by my husband with a cup of hot tea and some buttery toast. I was still rubbing the sleep from my eyes as I walked into my living room to find my boys paying peek-a-boo on the floor with cartoons on the TV in the background. It made me feel really blessed and I realize that our difficulties in the journey to that idyllic Saturday morning will only make us appreciate it all the more.


Family on the balcony

Enjoying the view from the balcony September 2014

Dear Universe

26 11 2013


Dear Universe,

Hi there, it’s Z here. Now I don’t ask for much – I never have. I am fairly easy to keep happy. However I have been advised that in order to achieve our deepest desires all we need to do is ask you nicely, so I thought I would give it a go. That way we both know where we stand.

My deepest desire for a number of years now has been to own a house. This is not a new goal but it is becoming increasingly important to me as I will have my own child mid way through next year and I want him/her to have a safe and comfortable home to live in. So really I m not even asking for myself – I am that selfless!

I have just seen the most perfect place. As is always the case though, the deposit is a sticking point. I am trying really hard to raise as much as possible as quickly as possible but I am paying high rent and bills for my current accommodation and it is tricky. Now I understand that asking you for money is considered crass so I will simply say that I really want my own home and could you lend me a helping hand?

It could be in the form of a loan or maybe a small lottery or scratch card win, – I don’t care about the top prize on the Euro Millions but £7500 ought to do it. That isn’t a lot to ask is it? Achieving a perfect credit score would also be a small help in the right direction. And I genuinely believe that I am more deserving than another property developer who will charge high rent for another professional couple to shell out each month – no doubt preventing them raising a deposit for their own place.

So please, please, please Universe help me out.

Love and hugs Z

Christmas Shopping

30 10 2013

Christmas Shopping

In these times of austerity I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join so many of my family, friends and acquaintances who have already started their Christmas Shopping.

I know, I know, it’s October and Halloween has not yet passed us by.

However in a bid to spread the cost and avoid the last minute panic of packing and sending presents to my family in Northern Ireland, it makes sense to get a head start this year, especially as there are other things for which we need to be saving our pennies right now.

I managed to buy presents for 4 family members and have them wrapped in colourful paper ready to go under my tree when it goes up on 1st December.

Lumpy and I also managed to buy some Daddy presents – this was very exciting 🙂

I love Christmas anyway so provided I don’t go into overdrive, thinking about it a little bit earlier than usual can only enhance my experience.

However my productive trip was sullied by the necessity to make one painful purchase – flat shoes for work. Apparently stilettos are not suitable attire for pregnant ladies and whist I am sure I could continue to waddle in them successfully for a few months yet, it seemed sensible to retire my glamorous footwear for the next year, at least, and start getting used to flats.

The great news is that as it is pay day tomorrow, my credit card will not be groaning from the strain of today’s exertions for too long.


Dream House – viewing cancelled

12 10 2013

house_cartoonFFOMC and I were due to view a property today. It went on the market late on Thursday.

We received a call and booked a viewing at 4pm today. But by midday yesterday this was cancelled as it had already gone under offer.

Now this would potentially have been the most frustrating house viewing ever. We registered our interest in a particular development some time ago expecting the release date to be round about Christmas. As such we are not really in a position to buy right now but do not want to appear like we have lost interest. FFOMC has also not seen the actual development; I visited with my parents; saying that he trusts my judgement.

Thi was slighly better than the plots we have been looking at. It is a house rather than an appartment, came with a little garden and was only 2500 more than the most expensive appartment on offer.

Now although we are not in a position to make an offer there was a chance we could have enlisted family support etc to help with the deposit and at the very least we could have crunched the numbers and reassessed how achievable and in what sort of time period.

This property is not to be. Next time though – maybe next time.

Where did my pay cheque go?

6 10 2013

Wallet MothsI know I was paid this month.

I saw the money arriving in my bank account.

For a day or so my balance looked fairly healthy.

I do not particularly recall spending lots of money or moving it out of my account.


…where did all my money go?

What it means to be poor

4 10 2013

Kevin Bridges

I have been enjoying a nght in front of the TV watching comedian Kevin Bridges. I laughed out loud at his take on the recession and the debt levels in America of 16 trillion dollars – the idea of Africa rounding up some great rock bands to stage a concert for us as (In Mr Bridges words) “It’s their round” – is comedy gold.

I often talk about my finances and how broke I am. However the reality is that FFOMC and I are comfortable and have everything we actually need. This does not mean we do not have aspirations but we can not really consider orselves to be truely poor. It made me remember a docummentary I watched some time ago about the definition of poverty in England.

As part of the program the presenter revealed the list used to determine if a family are living in poverty. Apologies for the copy and paste job but I found it really interesting and for anyone who did not see the docummentary it is worth scanning. It is surprising that some of the items have made it on to the list but depressing to think how many of the things we regard as necessities are not affordable to many families. If a family does not have access to any three of the things on this list because of financial constraints they are deemed to be living in poverty:

  • Heating to keep home adequately warm
  • Damp-free home
  • Two meals a day
  • Visit friends or family in hospital or other institutions
  • Replace or repair broken electrical goods
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables every day
  • Washing machine at home
  • All recommended dental treatment
  • Celebrations on special occasions
  • Warm waterproof coat
  • Attend weddings, funerals and other such occasions
  • Telephone
  • Meat, fish or vegetarian equivalent every other day
  • Curtains or window blinds
  • Enough money to keep your home in a decent state of decoration
  • Household contents insurance
  • Hobby or leisure activity
  • Appropriate clothes for job interviews
  • Table and chairs at which the family can eat
  • Taking part in sport or exercise activities or classes
  • To be able to pay unexpected costs of £500
  • Two pairs of all weather shoes
  • Regular savings (of at least £20 per month) for rainy days
  • Television
  • Regular payments to an occupational or private pension



Financial Reboot

3 08 2013

Financial Reboot

Two days ago I had a serious knockback with regards my savings. I was left feeling physically sick when I realised that the savings I thought were building up had not actually increased since February. This meant that my total balance was at least £2000 less than I had thought.

I have been licking my wounds since this discovery but it has forced me to reassess my position and factor in some new information.

I have found my dream development. The cost of a property is close to what I was looking at anyway but in a great area with a real sense of community. Even though family homes are being built there, the properties are mainly being snapped up by young professional couples like us so I imagine in 5 years or so this area will be occupied by young families.

The lovely lady who showed us around was able to give me very specific details of the additional costs outside of the deposit itself. I have crunched the numbers and worked out the revised total that we will actually need to acquire one of these properties for ourselves when the new blocks are released next year.

I am aiming to save 5% of the total each month which would mean that we could buy twelve months from now but I will try each month to commit to more. But at least for now I have something to aim for.

Hopefully 2014 will be our year.

I have restarted my table and will update it each month based on the revised figures.







12 – August 2014