Good Clean Fun – Make the bed

1 11 2014



This is a bit of a cheat as it is an everyday rather than a once a month task. However I have decided to include it anyway because it has a massive feel good factor for me.

The image above is not appealing. Returning to that bed in the evening after a long hard day brings me no satisfaction whatsoever. On the other hand a well made bed is warm and welcoming and lends itself to a better nights sleep – something which always makes me feel better. Another benefit is that it is a more appealing place to spend time with your partner.

Top Tip – Love them or hate them decorative cushions and throws can make your bed look really luxurious and a pop of colour in a monochrome room like mine can really make a statement.



30 Day Challenge – Good Clean Fun

1 11 2014


My underused cleaning products.

Like most people I have a dirty little secret.

Secreted in the dark corners of my home are little pockets of dust, dirt and grime that I am simply too lazy to address. None of these tasks in themselves are particularly arduous and most can be completed in under 10 mins but like so many others, I procrastinate and avoid these little jobs until such a time as they become a major hassle.

According to an article by Daily Mail cleaning up was one of the most common New Year Resolutions in 2013 and in the average UK household there are as many as 12 jobs needing doing around the house at any given time.

I love my home and I enjoy it so much more when it is clean and tidy. I also moved recently into a brand spanking new flat and everything is so bright and beautiful that I really want to keep on top of it. So as part of Project Tortoise; my personal quest to make my life just a little bit better; I will be taking on a 30 day challenge of my own devising to clean up my home. I am not talking about the everyday stuff like dishes or taking out the bins or at the other end of the scale the weekend engulfing task of cleaning the oven. My focus is those niggling little things that are seemingly unimportant so often get neglected and forgotten.

It would be lovely if some of you joined me so we can make a dent on the epic list of 316 million grubby windowsills, unplumped cushions and unsanitary children’s toys.

Some of my friends plan to participate in this challenge with me and I would love to hear from anyone else who wants to join in. It would be great to swap tips and share before and after pictures. In a few days I will publish a list of the 30 tasks to be completed during this first challenge as part of Project Tortoise in the meantime tell your friends and we can commit to bringing a little sparkle into our lives.

The 30 day “Good Clean Fun” challenge starts on 1st November.


Post Pregnancy Body

2 06 2014




Four short weeks ago i gave birth to my beautiful son Joseph. I already love him more than words can possible express but if truth be told he does not currently do a lot other than sleep and eat.

I am off on maternity leave and although Joe has a talent for demanding my attention at regular intervals during the day it has become apparent that I need a few hobbies to prevent me totally losing the plot during the coming year.

With this goal in mind I came across the Body back baby 30 day abs and core challenge. I have blogged about my attitude towards my physical appearance before and it has never been a high priority in life for me to be a size zero however as I would appear to be the target audience for this particular challenge I thought I would give it a go and if nothing else it will be a fall back topic for my blog over the next 30 days as I can provide updates about my progress.

So bring on the rock hard abs and athletic body I am told I want by all the celebrity magazines.

If you want to check out the challenge you can find the details on facebook.


Back to porridge

31 05 2014

About halfway through my pregnancy I discovered that I had no energy worth talking about and I struggked to maintain my postaday habit.
Because of this I have had a bit of a blogging break.
However as I posted yesterday my beautiful son Joseph Robert was born at the beginning of the month and despite the lack of sleep I am ready to embrace some post pregnancy challenges including a return to regular posts on zehirablog.
I do not intend to post everyday but am keen to write regularly. I will go into more detail about my immediate plans tomorrow.

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Getting Ready…Hospital Bag

16 02 2014

Baby bagMum is coming over this week while I am on half term and one of the things on my to-do list is sorting out my hospital bag. I have been buying bits and pieces for some time so have a few of the necessities already but a few online searches and a quick consultation of my blue folder suggest that I need the following items.

  • Antenatal notes and birth plan – birth plan = being struck on the head with a toaster and waking up after its all over
  • Parking money
  • Basic toiletry kit – toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, face wipes, lip salve and moisturiser
  • Dressing gown and slippers
  • Front opening nightdress – Mum is buying this for me 🙂
  • Disposable knickers – I don’t want to know!!!!
  • Maternity and breast pads
  • Nursing bras
  • Towel and pillow
  • Energy drinks and snacks
  • Magazine/book
  • Going home outfit

Baby Stuff:

  • Nappies
  • Cotton wool
  • Vests/babygrows
  • Socks and scratch mitts,
  • Thin cotton hat
  • Muslins (buy coloured or patterned ones so that yours are easy to distinguish)
  • Going home outfit
  • Blankets
  • Car seat

So plenty to do – thank goodness for Mummies.

50 things to do before your 11 3/4

15 02 2014


What an outstanding idea! Having paid a visit to a National Trust property some months back on a sunny weekend I now receive emails letting me know about various events and offers.

As a Mum-to-be I love the idea of taking my husband and son out to explore our local countryside and the wealth of historical and cultural sites England has to offer.

Today I stumbled accross “50 things to do before your 11 3/4”.

It is a list of activities to encourage children to discover their wild side and looks like the perfect way of getting Daddya nd Lumpy bonding in a few years time. I cant wait for all these little family adventures and I know my husband feels the same way – even if his list involves less outdoorseyness and more X-Box and 80’s cartoons.

One can smile and smile and be a villian

24 10 2013

This evenings antics came with a not so healthy dose of ingratiating smiles, false platitudes and insincerity.
Falsehold and favouritism are usually the order of the day – unless one is perceived to have inherant usefullness above and beyond what can reasonably be expected.
While a thank you is always appreciated I am often reminded that actions speak louder than words.


24 09 2013


I want one of those.

26 08 2013


I am rubbish at recycling.
During a rare shopping trip with Mommy today as we stepped up to the check out she reached into her handbag and produced a miniture pink spotty bag. From this, much like the russian dolls, a larger bag emerged.
The tirade that followed from my mother was as impressive  a rant as I have heard in sometime.
I will summarise the salient points:
Refuse to pay 5p for a dozy bag.
Right to bring home goods bought and paid for and VAT added.
Protecting heagerows = lot of crap.
Giving government the finger.
Rolex watches for bankers funded by said plastic bags.

I have decided I would like one of these cheerful colourful bags.

Back in Two Weeks

8 08 2013

Holiday 1

Although it pains me, I will need to take a short break from blogging.

I am devastated that this will put my postaday status on hold but even the most dedicated bloggers need a break from time to time.

I am off on my travels and over the past few years I have been unable to acess the internet while I am abroad. So rather than alow myself to stress about how and when I can post on wordpress I have decided to give myself permission to take a well earned break from everything and just enjoy the sun, sand and sea without any additional pressures.

Happy holidays everyone!

I will be back soon xx