I started this blog in an attempt to collect stories and observations that I intend to use as inspiration for future writing projects.

I am originally from Northern Ireland but for the last 14 years I have lived in South East England. I am in my 30’s and I have been married for 8 years to my soul mate. I am also a secondary school drama teacher with two part time jobs resulting in my having the attention span of a fruit-fly as I am always flitting from one project to another. I desperately want to buy my own home and have children in the near future and these two things are driving me at the moment.

I graduated from Drama school in 2001 and worked as a professional actress before I accidently discovered a love of teaching when I took on a part-time job at a childrens theatre school and a second position teaching Drama to adults with learning difficulties.

Despite initial concerns about my suitability for these roles I came to love this work and started to write scenes and short scripts as requested by the students. My most ambitious project was writing a pantomime. I am not sure that my students fully understood the genre of Pantomime and early discussions about which fairytale would be most suitable for our group proved problematic when each student outlined their own very specific demands (including one request for a Panto version of Indianna Jones). My evenings quickly became a collage of mind mapping and post it note activities trying to find ways of bringing the characters together and ensuring that all students got what they wanted. I loved the challenge of this project and although the finished script does not rival any of the classics I am very proud of my work and would love to attempt similiar projects in the future but with a little more artistic freedom.

Due to changes in my lifestyle my work life balance is heavily weighted towards the work element and I do not get as much time to write as I would like.

I continue to do some paid acting work on a part time basis and have been asked more recently if I would consider doing a stand-up comedy gig. My blog is a means of getting into the habit of writing and hopefully coming up with some starting points for future projects.

My problem is that I have too many ideas and this may come over in my blog. Focusing and developing just one is a challenge but given my aims expect a wide range of topics from the sublime to the ridiculous and if you enjoy what I have written please share it with a friend, if not, then to quote my kinsmen “Shut yer bake!”

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10 02 2013
Ausaf Abidi

Very interesting blog. Shall await more of your ideas.
Stay blessed!

20 03 2013

Hi thanks so much for following my blog, I find your blog amazing! and so I will follow your blog too. Have a wonderful day.

20 03 2013

You were the first person ever to comment on it I think – I was delighted that someone had actually taken the time to read what I had written. As I was new to Blogging back then I wasnt familiar enough with it all to even think of following you at the time but now that I am in the swing of things I must go back and read the posts I have missed in the interim πŸ™‚

21 03 2013

ok, great! I know when your new it takes a little time to get familiar with how things are done. I am still learning so much about blogging. I am so glad you are checking out my past posts too, thanks so much.

24 03 2013

To blog or not to blog that is the question.
The answer is an impressive, yes!

24 03 2013

I literally cannot believe you have signed up πŸ™‚
Thanks for visiting!

15 04 2013
Liebster Award | 21centurymom

[…] you Zehira-blog for my first ever nomination! Please check out her link https://zehirablog.wordpress.com/about/ this is one very passionate ‘dramapreneur’ and I hope she gets to live all her hopes […]

13 07 2013

enjoyed your posts!! πŸ™‚
and you just got a new follower ! πŸ™‚

13 07 2013

Thank you πŸ™‚

30 08 2013

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