30 Day Challenge – Good Clean Fun

1 11 2014


My underused cleaning products.

Like most people I have a dirty little secret.

Secreted in the dark corners of my home are little pockets of dust, dirt and grime that I am simply too lazy to address. None of these tasks in themselves are particularly arduous and most can be completed in under 10 mins but like so many others, I procrastinate and avoid these little jobs until such a time as they become a major hassle.

According to an article by Daily Mail cleaning up was one of the most common New Year Resolutions in 2013 and in the average UK household there are as many as 12 jobs needing doing around the house at any given time.

I love my home and I enjoy it so much more when it is clean and tidy. I also moved recently into a brand spanking new flat and everything is so bright and beautiful that I really want to keep on top of it. So as part of Project Tortoise; my personal quest to make my life just a little bit better; I will be taking on a 30 day challenge of my own devising to clean up my home. I am not talking about the everyday stuff like dishes or taking out the bins or at the other end of the scale the weekend engulfing task of cleaning the oven. My focus is those niggling little things that are seemingly unimportant so often get neglected and forgotten.

It would be lovely if some of you joined me so we can make a dent on the epic list of 316 million grubby windowsills, unplumped cushions and unsanitary children’s toys.

Some of my friends plan to participate in this challenge with me and I would love to hear from anyone else who wants to join in. It would be great to swap tips and share before and after pictures. In a few days I will publish a list of the 30 tasks to be completed during this first challenge as part of Project Tortoise in the meantime tell your friends and we can commit to bringing a little sparkle into our lives.

The 30 day “Good Clean Fun” challenge starts on 1st November.




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