Feeling the cold

10 11 2013

ColdI have never coped well with cold temperatures. My home heaters have been well and truely “on” for the past few weeks now and my car heaters default poition is set to “hotter than the sun”.

I do not have the same luxury at work where I teach in the sub zero conditions of my icy studio standing next to the portable heater with my coat and scarf permanently on unless I am filming.

Looking at the cars parked outside my flat tonight I noticed the distinct misty glaze coating the windows suggesting that it will not be long before defrosting them before setting off on the morning trip to work will becom a necessity.

I often wish I was a bear so I could simply hibernate through the winter months – but then again I watched Brave and it looks like bears have their own issues to deal with so maybe not.

I have my warm winter clothes at the ready and will be armed with endless cups of decaff tea and coffee throughout the next few months in a bid to keep myself as warm as possible.

Th eone good thing about the cold…

…it makes me appreciate cuddles in front of the fire even more.

Sausage rolls and houmous

7 07 2013

Picnic at Farnham Park 07072013

Glorious sunshine today and in Britain that means one of two things:

1/ BBQ

2/ A Picnic

We opted for the later. FFOMC and I decided that it would be criminal to sit in the flat when it was 82 degrees outside and our flat is unbearably hot in the summer even with our fan on 24/7, so we made the bold decision to “go out”.

Anyone who has followed my Blog over the last year will appreciate that this represents extreme personal growth for FFOMC.

We went to our local store to purchase the necessary provisions for an impromptu picnic. The shopping list was as follows:



Sausage Rolls

Scotch Egg

Cheese and Onion Pasty

Mini Salami


Cooked meats




We sat in the sun together on our newly purchased beach towel and read our books in the sun. It was glorious. FFOMC is dismissive of my desire to own a decent picnic basket but I feel that it will be an item that will feature in our futures together.

I hope everyone enjoyed the sun today – because let’s face it – that may well have been our British summer done and dusted.

Buying a home – I need a garden

9 06 2013


Every month I provide an update of my progress towards buying my own home.

This is my big mission in life right now and it is something I feel very passionately about. Whilst this goal is never far from my mind; in the summer months my desire for home ownership is even stronger. When the sun is out and friends continuously populate their facebook status updates with talk of beer and BBQ’s – I really miss having a garden.

I grew up in a house with a great garden complete with swing set. When I was a teenager my Mother finally got the conservatory she always wanted and my Dad got his patio. Mum is a real opportunist when it comes to good weather and I would regularly come home from school on a sunny day to discover her mid preparation for a family BBQ.

I want that in my own life. Just to be able to step through a set of French doors into my own outdoor space to get a bit of colour on my skin would have a massive impact on my leisure time. As a teacher my main holiday is in the summer and it would be lovely if I could make better use of this time. I have not lived in a property with a garden for the last 8 years. I live in a top floor flat. It is baking hot in the summer months and very uncomfortable. In addition to the heat the other disadvantage of the summer months is that the cracks in the damaged ceiling and walls seem more noticeable than in winter.

Of course I could go out to a local park to read my book in the sun – but its not quite the same. Each month FFOMC and I creep ever closer to our goal of owning our own property but it never actually feels any closer to actually happening.






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A rose by any other name

22 04 2013

Evil Flowers

Ahhh…welcome back my old friend.

Every year I seem to forget that I suffer from hay fever until it actually happens. It started in my early 20’s and to be honest it is still a bit of a shock on the first sunny day of spring when I start to feel the familiar scratch at the back of my throat, slight headache, puffy eyes and snotty nose that accompany this condition – not generally an attractive look, but I think I make it work!

Apparently 15 million people in the UK suffer with Hay fever: an allergy to airborne substances causing inflammation in the lining of the nose, throat and eyes.

But boiling it right down I spend my entire spring and summer in fear of FLOWERS! Seriously? As if there isnt enough turmoil and chaos on the planet already – about 20% of us cannot leave our homes during the spring and summer months without the fear of being struck down by a dangerous daffodill, an irate iris or even a poisonous petunia?

Apparently it is simply the immune system “over reacting” to the release of pollen into the air when the weather starts to warm up. My immune system is already a bit of a drama queen and seems intent on embracing every illness going, before going into hyperdrive on attack mode.

Enough! Life is too short for me to live in fear of FLOWERS!!! Unless of course they look like this:

Little Shop of Horrors

Snow and Tell

17 01 2013

SnowflakeI came home this evening to be greeted by fantastic news. After what seems like an endless wait and a few false starts, we may finally enjoy some proper snow tomorrow. The nation is collectively holding its breath in anticipation. We have been teased and tantalised by the occassional flurry over the past few weeks but it would appear that tomorrow is the big day and it seems to be all anyone can talk about.

The staff room was buzzing with excitement today as we all checked the MET office updates on our smart phones, my facebook wall currently reads like a weather forecast, trains have been pre-emptively cancelled, schools are warning parents and staff to check the websites before setting out on their journeys, corner stores cannot meet the demand for bread, milk and emergency canned goods, everyone is dusting off the scarves, coats and gloves they purchased in the January sales, and all eyes are on the sky willing the powdery flakes to come down harder and settle, turning our neighbourhoods into winter wonderlands.

It is not that we are a nation of winter sports enthusiasts or that the opportunity to create frozen families or snow-angels brings ot our “inner child”. Nor is it the welcome chance to model the latest trends in colourful knitwear or to take up ice sculpture.

The thing we are all hoping for is the elusive and much loved unanticipated holiday – THE SNOW DAY!

We do not cope well with extreme weather in England. Despite my having very few memories of snow days as a child, I have had the pleasure as an adult. Over the last few years the nation has come to a standstill on several occassions due to snow and I have loved every last one! Normally they creep up unexpectedly but this time we are ready and waiting.

For those of us already resigned to “not being able to get to work” tomorrow, the next few hours are critical. It will be a huge disappointment if tomorrow morning we wake to discover that the roads are clear, our workplace is open and we are expected to actually GO IN, abandoning our plans of remaining in our pajamas enjoying a cup of tea whilst catching up on Coronation Street.

I am on my way to the roof to do my snow dance before snuggling up under my duvet, where I will dream of being awakened to a text message reading “Unfortunately the College will remain closed today.”

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..please.

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