The future father of my children…has passed his driving test

31 07 2013
Driving bunny

Chauffeur Bunny

I was a bundle of nerves when I woke up this morning. FFOMC was taking his driving test at 8:30am.

His provisional licence and first 10 hours of lessons were part of his Christmas present. So in January he started his lessons with instructor Clive and despite his initial reluctance and the carefree attitude towards driving that has characterised his adult life, he has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and has always been very animated on his return from lessons updating me with his weekly progress. However, it has also been a costly process, with the price of lessons, theory and practical tests adding up to a staggering amount.

Today was his first practical test and I watched him before he left the house this morning, as he greedily scanned the pages of his little hand book before his pre test “warm up”.

I am delighted to report that it will be his only test as he passed first time with no minors.

In honour of this achievement he has earned the new title of “CHAUFFEUR-BUNNY“.

I plan to benefit from this newly acquired skill of his and may even buy him a special hat and make him call me ‘Miss Zehira’ when he takes me out and about.

I will ensure that his instruction does not end here of course and will repay him for all his extremely helpful advice over the last 6 months by correcting all his faults from the backseat as he has done. In the spirit of helping him to elevate himself from novice to advanced status I am sure he will want as much practice as possible when he acquires a car so I will be delighted to give him the privilege of being the designated driver on nights out, weddings, parties etc. Never mind him “earning his independence” – having been his personal taxi service for years I look forward to the freedom I will enjoy and getting something for my initial investment in making FFOMC a driver.


The Boat House Chertsey

30 07 2013

Boat House Chertsey

Over lunch today I enjoyed the above view with a beloved friend.

I had promised to take her to lunch over the summer holidays to The Boat House near her home. I feel particularly attached to this restaurant because when I first moved to England it was the last stop made by my parents and I on our long drive down from Scotland. It is almost 15 years later and my return visit did not disappoint.

The overcast sky and sporadic rain today meant that the venue was not overly crowded at lunch but I understand it can be very busy on sunny days and given the view of the river and arrival of countless barges to entertain diners, I am hardly surprised by this.

We chose a table overlooking the river and were presented with about 5 menus. I can find this off putting but it is nice to have a choice.

We had decided to have two courses – a starter and a main.

I opted for the soup of the day; vegetable and feta and my friend choose muscles in a white wine creamy, garlic sauce. These were reasonably priced for starter dishes but the portions were enormous. Both dishes were served with fresh white rolls and were absolutely delicious. The soup was creamy and thick, just as I like it, cram packed with vegetables and bursting with flavour requiring no additional seasoning. The individual muscles were small but the large portion more than made up for this. Neither of us finished our starters as we had ordered a second course and felt that as a lunch the starter would have been sufficient on its own.

We requested a small gap between courses and unfortunately due to the efficiency of the kitchen staff our main came out almost immediately. The waiters returned our meals to the kitchen and although we were perfectly happy for our meals to be kept under a hot lamp the chef insisted that he prepare a fresh meal for each of us when we were ready, despite our protests.

As a main I chose the roast corn fed chicken breast stuffed with chorizo and served with dauphinoise potatoes and  mushroom and tarragon sauce while my friend mixed and matched the herb crusted rump of lamb with duchesses potatoes and root vegetables. Again both meals were superb. The meat was cooked to perfection with the lamb being particularly impressive; well cooked with well balanced flavours all complimenting one another.

Neither my friend nor I have visited The Boat House in some time and we were expecting traditional pub grub. It was the venue that appealed more than the standard of the food. However the portion size, quality of the meals and the outstanding presentation surpassed expectation. It is worth mentioning that the waiters were extremely welcoming and eager to please. They revealed that the head chef who had prepared our dishes has been with the restaurant for only a year – I hope they manage to hold onto him because he has a real passion and obvious talent.

I would highly recommend The Boat House for a meal out but make sure you bring with you a big appetite!

Feeling Green

29 07 2013

Feeling-greenI think its a combination of the hot weather and my inactivity at the minute that is making me feel a litte green around the gills.

I’ve not really been myself for the last week or so and I am definitely feeling irritable and restless.

I hope I am feeling a little bit brighter when my parents arrive to visit on Wednesday.


New Dress

28 07 2013


Following my shopping trip yesterday I have been anxious to road test all of my purchases before my upcoming holiday.

Today it was a chance to try out my new dress – a purchase which came with some unexpected side effects.

It is figure hugging and has a gorgeous Aztec print. I have accessorised with a black belt and sparkly jelly sandals.

Add to this my new properly fitting underwear and a confident glow that accompanies all outfits when worn for the first time and I feel a million dollars – this has not been lost on FFOMC. He appears to extremely taken with my new look and has had amorous intentions since I first wiggled my way into my new dress this morning.

I have never taken a keen interest in my appearance as it seems a tireless and high maintenance endeavour to do so but I have enjoyed FFOMC’s lustful gaze and knowing that I look well. I have previously mentioned that I lost a lot of weight very suddenly and unexpectedly – one friend has had the courtesy of being honest about the fact that for some time I looked drawn and overwrought for a while. However I am feeling more myself and although I have not put back on every pound that I lost I am looking healthier in recent weeks than I did 5 months ago.

I hope my new dress is a hit in the Dominican Republic in 11 days time and that I continue to feel this confident under the watchful eye of my husband.


Best shopping trip of the year!

27 07 2013

Shopping bags

Today FFOMC and I went on our annual shopping expedition to purchase the necessities for our summer holiday.

This traditionally starts with a visit to a range of local economy stores to purchase vests and tank tops, skirts, dresses and swimwear.

Then we move on to buy our sun cream, after sun, miscellaneous toiletries and of course sunglasses – which FFOMC loses each year making it necessary to buy replacements every 12 months.

I love this shopping trip. Not only is it one of only two trips that we are guaranteed to make together, but we also have a pub lunch and discuss at length our plans for our two weeks together in the sun and life and its many complexities.

I love the anticipation of a foreign trip. We love our time together and all that entails; for us this means, in no particular order: welcome drinks, travel, the sun, the beach, experiencing other cultures, towel animals, evening entertainment, excursions, cocktails, applying sunscreen and after sun to one another, getting a tan, swimming pools, meeting new people, aqua aerobics, synchronised swimming, BBQ’s and beach grills, sand on our toes, waves crashing, long romantic walks, flip flops, amazing views, swim up pools, reading a dozen books, all inclusive, food, drinks, water sports, amazing waiters, snuggles, air conditioning, balconies, postcards, discos, sunsets, ancient ruins, water polo, traditional dance, museums, hammocks, drinking from a coconut, palm trees.

I cannot wish my summer holiday away but I am really looking forward to our next adventure together in 12 days!

On Hold

26 07 2013

On Hold

I have just worked out that it is 13 days until FFOMC and I depart for the Dominican Republic.

This is of course cause for celebration however I am falling into the classic trap of spending my days “waiting”.

I seem to spend a lot of my life not truly living in the moment but waiting for significant milestones or events. These range from the fairly insignificant wait for the end of a school day or FFOMC getting home from work; to the longer waiting games for the start of a new TV series, release of a book or film or even the next holiday. On a long term basis I have my eyes on other goals such as buying a home or becoming a parent.

I sometimes feel like I have placed myself on hold.

I cannot fast forward through life – nor should I want to – so it is time for me to press play.

I am not going to sit round in a daytime TV induced coma simply waiting for my holiday to roll around I need to view the next 13 days as part of my holiday – god knows I have been looking forward to it and it has felt like an eternity coming round.

I need some projects to occupy my time other than housekeeping, blogging and catching up with school work.

Suggestions gratefully received – must be inexpensive and relaxing.

First project is to do some reading. So with that in mind I am switching off the TV and settling down on my sofa with a nice cup of tea to finish reading the book that has sat gathering dust on my bedside table since Christmas.

Agent Zehira

25 07 2013

secret agent

Following his attempts yesterday to fill my summer days with housework and chores; FFOMC came up with a more creative way of leaving me today’s task –  although I found this one much less objectionable than yesterday’s list of dull cleaning jobs.

I woke up to find a letter marked TOP SECRET for the Attention of AGENT ZEHIRA.

Marked as classfied it read:

It has come to our attention that today is HDAY.

Your mission should you choose to acept it, is to track down and book a top secret location to secure as our base of operations from 8th August until 22nd August.

The location must be safe from Pygmes and preferable in a Carribean location.

This message will self destruct in 5…4…3…2…1…BOOM!!!

Mission Accepted! Dominican Republic here we come!