“Did I get it right Miss?”

22 11 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the end of my pretty mad week a yr9 boy bounced up to me in my last lesson of the day.

He reached into his pocket and produced a packet of milky buttons and a packet of chocolate buttons and with a beaming face asked me, “Did I get it right Miss?”

Seeing an opportunity for mischief and not fully grasping his question I took the packets and walked away exclaiming “Ohhhh, these are my favourites at the minute!”

As I grinned and offered the packets back to the still beaming child he repeated his question, “So, did I get it right Miss?”

I was a little confused and asked “Did you get what right sunshine?”

“Well you said that the baby is making you want buttons at the minute. I couldnt remember what type so I bought you one of each with my paper round money. One packet is for you and one is for Lumpy.”

In truth I dont remember sharing this information with my class so it must have been an aside at some point. But the fact that this 12 year old boy had not only taken it on board but gone home and decided to spend his hard earned pocket money on such a thoughtful gift has really moved me.

Even in the worst weeks working in education, there is always a child who you have reached, who in turn will reach back to you at a time when you most need a reminder of why one of the most rewarding careers available is in teaching.

Happy Friday xx


17th October teacher strike: An open letter to parents

16 10 2013

On 17th Oct, along with my fellow teachers, I will be on strike. Public oinion may not always be for teachers but I found this great open letter to parents that I wanted to share. It is easy to forget in the midst of the disruption and politics, that teachers not only know what is in the best interests of their students, but care about fighting for education.

Equus altus

Dear Parents

I’ve taken some time out to write this open letter to you because I believe it’s important to let you know why I am striking with my fellow teachers on Thursday 17th October.

Firstly, let me apologise for the inevitable inconvenience this action will cause many of you. Teachers do recognise – partly because many of them are parents themselves – that having to find childcare for the day or take a day off work to look after your children is a burden. That’s why taking strike action is always a very last resort. Believe me, none of us are particularly keen on losing a day’s pay either.

Many of you will have read in the press or heard on the news that teachers are taking strike action over changes to their pay and pensions. Often, this is shrouded in an air of disapproval, almost as if…

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Start of Term

2 09 2013

Back 2 School

I stumbled accross the following words of wisdom. I do not know the original source of these words but they seem apt:


“Twas the night before school started and all through the town

All the teachers were groaning…a disturbing sound!

By 10 they were all wasahed and tucked up in bed,

where the memories of children filled them with dread!

New pencils, newfolders, new registers too.

New classes, new grey hairs their anxiety grew.

The parents just giggled when they heard of this fright,

“You’ve have 6 weeks off. They’re all yours, so tough shite!!

I love it and feel that it acurately sums up my current mood as I am due to start back at school after a wonderful break tomorrow.

To anonomyos author, I take my hat off to you for capturing the spirit of the moment so completely.

And to all teachers everywhere – have a great start of term and a wonderful & productive academic year!

Flowers and Tears

16 07 2013


This evening brought with it some lovely flowers, (pictured above), and a lot of tears.

Second (and last), night of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and my students were bloody amazing!

For students of 13/14 years old to master Shakespeare is impressive enough but to do so and perform in such an assured and professional manner in only 6 weeks is nothing short of amazing.

After the show they did their thank you bit and invited myself and my colleague onto the stage. I had been a bit tearful during their final song but had managed to compose myself, my colleague had tears streaming down her face.

They presented us with beautiful flowers and cards and matching butterfuly necklaces. We were declared Queen’s of the fairies and the head teacher even made a short speech expressing how impressed he was with our wonderful students.

But for both of us it was bitter-sweet as it is our last project together as my dear friend is due to leave at the end of the school year. I am devastated to lose her and in total denial that she is actually going.

I have loved every second we have worked together and feel she has made me a better teacher.

Despite our shared melancholy about being seperated after 3 years of my most successful working partnership ever – we are going out on a high.

Emmie – working with you has been “A DREAM” xx

Ofsted coming

21 05 2013


Having finished work at 7ish tonight due to an A-Level performance exam, any teachers who read my Blog will appreciate my absolute delight with the news I received at about noon that tomorrow Ofsted will be paying my school a visit.


As this is my second inspection in a week (as my part time job had an unexpected inspection on Saturday) I am feeling a tad unimpressed.

Sufficient to say I have a long night ahead if I wish to achieve…



You know you are a real teacher when…

14 05 2013

Real Teacher

…you have had a full teaching day.

You have then worked continuously since you got home.

But when you look at the clock and discover that you have mysteriously jumped forward in time to 21:55, you simply think…

Hell yeah, I can get loads more done this evening!”

PS. I still hate coursework 🙂 But loved sending the kids off in style today with a presentation walking them through the last two years of their lives complete with loads of embarrassing photographs! Really positive vibe – took the edge off coming home to do SO MUCH marking!

10 Reasons I am looking forward to going “BACK TO SCHOOL”

14 04 2013

Back to school

My response to the Daily Prompt: The Satisfaction of a List!


After two glorious weeks of thinking about work AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE; tomorrow I will make the dreaded journey back to school.

It is always hateful to return to work after a refreshing break – it doesn’t matter what industry you work in – and I must admit I am not looking forward to my return to my classroom one little bit.

But inspired by the daily prompt: the staisfaction of a list, I decided to look at the positive things that will come out of my first productive day in a fortnight, in a bid to motivate myself for my return, rather than obsessing over the reasons I would rather remain tucked up in bed, drinking endless cups of tea with a good book.




1/ FRIENDS: Just like the students, I am looking forward to seeing all my friends. It’s great participating in the banter in the staff room, comparing notes and sharing our stories. I work with some amazing people and it is always good to be in their company.

2/ SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT: Every day I spend at work  (and this feeling predates my career in teaching); I feel I have accomplished something. I feel the satisfying sense that I have earned my paycheck and am contributing in my own small way to the society in which I live.

3/ SUBJECT SPECIALISM: I love my subject specialism. Drama is now – and always has been – my passion. I am extremely blessed that I have the opportunity to do what I love every single day of my working life and even better, I get to share and pass on my skill and knowledge to other people.

4/ MAKING A DIFFERENCE: I work with kids from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities. In a strange way it is not always the outstanding talent in my classroom that makes me feel warm and fuzzy at night. It’s the kid who is an absolute nightmare, from a deprived or troubled background, who for some inexplicable reason loves my subject or simply responds well to me, who can make or break my day. Some of these kids who have (on the surface at least) so little, can give so much back when they are inspired.

5/ MAKING MONEY: Like it or not we all need cash! I earn a good salary and this means I can enjoy good times when I am on holiday.

6/ ROUTINE: I am definitely a creature of habit. When my life is devoid of structure and routine I flounder. I cope much better when I have a predictable routine to follow.

7/ APPRECIATE HOLIDAY: To paraphrase a quote I heard on TV recently: “If EVERYDAY is amazing then no day is truely amazing”. You can only appreciate the good times when juxtaposed with the bad ones.

8/ CHANCE TO USE MY BRAIN: I am fairly articulate and I am good at problem solving. These skills are better when they are put to work. In fact, I think that exercising your brain is as important as looking after your physical health. As delighted as I have been in my time off by my new shredder and ability to eradicate my old household bills and personal documments; it has hardly been a mental challenge that has caused me to utilise my grey matter. No matter what tomorrow brings, I know I will need to be thinking and on my toes at all times.

9/ 6 WEEKS TILL MY NEXT HOLIDAY!: One of the perks of my profession. Don’t get me wrong, I spend much of my time off marking, planning lessons, doing paperwork etc. BUT, it is infinitely better doing these tasks in my PJ’s, on my sofa, with the radio on than trying to focsu on endless spreadsheets when I am stuck at work. Roll on my next ‘break’!

10/ SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT: When you are confronted with 30 children each hour of your working life you collect wonderful stories. Children are fantastic inspiration for all aspiring writters because they say what they think, often without censoring themselves. Every day I find myself in absurd, humourous, tragic and inspiring conversations with the next generation and if that doesn’t give me something to blog about, then nothing will 🙂


Fellow teachers: please feel free to add your own thoughts about the reasons we continue to pursue our chosen: crazy/admirable/challenging/frustrating/wonderful [delete as appropriate] profession in the comments section below.