Virtuous Sunday

17 11 2013

Happy SundayI cannot believe it is almost 10pm already.

In contrast to my plans of indulging in one relaxing day a week I have had a very busy Sunday. I am feeling quite virtuous but I will no doubt pay for it tomorrow.

My activities of the day included:

  1. A large load of coloured washing.
  2. Marking GCSE essays.
  3. Marking KS3 books.
  4. Ordering a DVD for Enterprise Day and a script for my year 11’s.
  5. Writing a reference for a student.
  6. Filling out a dull form.
  7. Updating my address book.
  8. Writing more than half of my Christmas Cards.
  9. Wrapping a few more Christmas presents.
  10. And finally, my personal favourite: arranging the flowers bought for me by my wonderful husband who appreciates all my hard work.




24 03 2013


This morning I have written a short poem about what Sunday’s look like since I started teaching. With modern technology – laptops, internet access, smart phones etc. making us accessible to our employers pretty much 24/7 I am sure many working people have the same problem with poor work/life balance:


S          Sleeping in till half past ten; a weekend treat for working men.

U         Until we stir and shake off sleep with pending deadlines we must keep.

N         Never just a day of rest, in fact it’s often quite a test

D         Doing endless admin tasks; the long to do list lasts and lasts.

A         Always something to be done no time to just indulge in fun.

Y          Yesterday seems like a world away and tomorrows pressures kill today.


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What do weekends mean to you?

9 02 2013

weekendAfter work yesterday a friend spoke to me with great enthusiasm about on her highly anticipated weekend plans. Her weekend had a distinctive sporting theme: a visit to her fitness club in the morning followed by rugby in the afternoon and the possibility of a round of golf on Sunday. I nodded politely and expressed my hope that she had a good time but truthfully her weekend plans sound like my own personal hell on earth.

On my drive home I thought about my own weekend plans and how my attitude towards the weekend has changed over the years.

Weekends at different stages of my life:

Little Lynne

Early childhood: visits to my Granny, Great Aunts and Uncles and if we were really lucky a family cinema trip – I particularly remember going to see the Care Bears with my little sister and Dad, (I mainly remember this because all the Dads who had taken their daughters to see this film looked like they wanted to end their lives after 2 hours of ‘sharing, caring and feelings’).

Pre teens: Playing ‘curby’ in the street outside my house; (a game in which, one player stands on one side of the road and facing their opponent on the other side. They take it in turns to throw the ball aiming to hit the curb on the other side for it to bounce back at them). Mum and Dad took us for meals out in the evenings to teach us how to behave in restaurants.

Theatre masks

Early teens: Started Drama lessons. At one point I was a member of three separate clubs on a Saturday and walked the length of Belfast to get from one to another.

Late teens: Worked on Saturdays in arrange of different jobs: waitress in a function hall, then in an Indian Restaurant and in the year before I moved to England I worked in a bakery which mainly involved folding cake boxes. Every spare moment was spent was no longer spent with my family or friends but with my boyfriend.

Early 20’s: Cinema job to earn money for clubbing on student night every Monday. Then discovered Metal and started to attend a rock club usually resulting in most Sundays being spent recovering from Saturday nights exertions on the dance floor. Met the man who would eventually become my husband.

Mid 20’s: Got married. In the year running up to wedding all weekends were dominated with wedding planning and in the months afterwards writing thank you cards, sorting photo albums and finding homes for our gifts.

Late 20’s: Shift work meant that weekends were almost completely elliminated for me with my days off being mid week and at unpredictable intervals. I was also ridiculously skint so I started part time jobs on Saturday and Sunday teaching Drama at P/T theatre schools and working as a Murder Mystery actress. After I returned to university to train as a teacher my Sunday’s became a major planning day for the week ahead.

Current day – Early 30’s: I still work a part time Saturday job teaching (because 5 full days of looking after other people’s children just isn’t enough) and still do the occasional Murder Mystery event.

Weekends have never really been that relaxing. My job is very demanding and I need down time. However my burning ambition to own my own property makes it difficult to walk away from a position that takes up 3 hours every Saturday but is not too taxing in terms of preparation as I can draw from my experience gained over the last 8 years and pays over £20 per hour.

I did consider what I would like my weekends to look like in the next 10 years – because at some point hopefully I will resolve the home issue and my priorities will shift again.

Future Weekends:

Mid 30’s: Spend the weekend in DIY and Garden stores as I decorate and furnish my first home.

Late 30’s: Time with a young family doing craft activities involving glitter, PVC glue and old coat hangers.

Early 40’s: Attending football games/music concerts/kids birthday parties or chauffeuring my young family round to dance/karate/swimming lessons(delete as appropriate).


I hope this is what my future weekends look like because if not – what have I been working for all this time?

Maybe my friends weekend plans arent so bad after all!

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