Go, go, go Joseph

31 08 2014


I am from a very musical family. So perhaps it was inevitable that naming my son after a musical would result in some spontaneous outbursts of song when my whole family came to visit shortly after Joseph’s birth.

However my sister went one step further. A week after my family had returned to Northern Ireland I received a parcel in the post. It contained the baby-grow pictured above and a card with the following rewrite of the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice collaboration.


Go, go, go Joseph, you know what they say.

Come on wee Joseph, stop eating ALL day,

Sha-la-la Joseph, Mummy is tired,

And Daddy is knackered, more night sleep is required:


Go, go, go Joseph you know what we say.

Our baby Joseph grows bigger each day.

Sha-la-la Joseph you’re doing fine.

And with your new dream-grow you’ll be ahead of your time.


Go, go, go Joe!

My family are nuts – my poor boy hasn’t a chance 😉



8 06 2013


I have occupied myself tonight by rewriting the lyrics of a popular song to be performed by members of staff at my work at an upcoming event.

While this could be categorised as a work based task and as such should be a total bore and have no place in my Saturday evening activities – I have found it to be a great outlet for my creativity.

I cannot name the song or divulge any particular details at present for fear that the surprise element will be lost at the event in question when it is performed; but sufficient to say I have had a great evening exploring the possibilities. I will of course reveal the final version after the event in question.

I would love to hear from other bloggers who have either discovered parodies of popular songs that they love or even attempted their own rewrites for their own purposes or as part of a writing challenge.

I regret that at present I cannot say any more publically so for now I will encourage readers to leave comments including links to your own favourite parodies or song rewrites and the following quote: “If music be the food of love play on”