Post Summer Health Kick

1 09 2013

health kick

With the dreaded start of term fast approaching & the indulgences of the past 6 weeks weighing me down, I am on a bit of a health kick.

I have decided to implement a few changes to improve my overall well being (before I lapse again in the run up to Christmas).

This is not about losing weight – I got that T-shirt last term when my weight plummeted in the space of two months – it is more about a consistent approach to diet and lifestyle and embracing some good habits.

I have set myself the following goals:

  • To reduce my alcohol intake
  • To move onto decaf tea and coffee
  • To eat a small breakfast every day
  • To have a healthy lunch.
  • To snack on yogurts and fruit
  • To swap sugary carbonated drinks with fruit juice and water.

Anyone who knows me will know that I LOVE vegetables but have no great love of fruit and I cannot bear the idea of nibbling on dried fruit and seeds. I may however be tempted by a handful of peanuts or banana on toast – a favourite childhood snack – to introduce good alternative to sausage rolls that are my default snack at work.

I will miss my cherished latte but have found a tolerable brand of decaf coffee and Shloer is a good alternative to my beloved red wine.

I have managed to gain a few welcome pounds over the summer break and although do not wish to wave my curves goodbye again so soon after reclaiming them I want to achieve some consistency and not avoid meals and snacks during the day when stresses take over.

Wish me luck in my quest – I hope I have the necessary will power.

As for exercise…well, let’s try one thing at a time 🙂