General Fluffy McMuffin

22 06 2013

General Fluffy McMuffin

People come up with the most ridiculous names for their pets.

The title of tonights post is the most recent in a long list of names that owners have come to regret with the passage of time.

The probem is giving young children the responsibility of naming family pets. Children can be incredibly creative and they read adorable books with comedy animals with daft names.

I remember a friend holding her head in shame as she described her embarrasment one evening when her Gobolina had gone missing and she stood by her garden gate for hours calling to the great amusement of her neighbours.

Even the children aged 4-6 who I was teaching today found great amusement in the name General Fluffy McMuffin.

One does wonder if the pets in question would approve of such names of if they would prefer something more mainstream like Steve or Karen.