Flat shoes and tight waistbands

7 11 2013

Pregnant women

It was with deep regret that over the half term holiday I made a shopping trip I have been dreading since early September. The time had come to retire my stillettos and invest in some flat shoes and boots for work.

This made me very sad 😦

However it was a necessary change as my job demands that I stand for hours at a time and with my center of gravity shifting each and every day it was inconceivable that I would be able to totter round in high heels until May.

But it would appear that sensible shoes will not be my only necessary purchase to accomodate my changing body shape and circumstances. My waistband is gradually tightening across my rapidly expanding stomach and as all of my clothes are starting to become uncomfortable it is becoming more and more difficult to disguise my pregnancy bump.

In truth it is a wonderful reason to need to reconsider my wardrobe, but it could prove costly and with Christmas on the way I know some family members who are hoping that I can hold off until 25th Dec before embracing maternity wear on a more full time basis. The biggest problem is jammies. They are the one item of clothing that should be guaranteed to make me fel all cozy and relaxed yet they currently make me look a bit of a heffalump and squeeze me in a not entirely comfortable way.

So a trip shopping for some more basics may be necessary – sooner rather than later I fear. Like his/her Mummy, Lumpy is determined to be noticed.


Christmas Shopping

30 10 2013

Christmas Shopping

In these times of austerity I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join so many of my family, friends and acquaintances who have already started their Christmas Shopping.

I know, I know, it’s October and Halloween has not yet passed us by.

However in a bid to spread the cost and avoid the last minute panic of packing and sending presents to my family in Northern Ireland, it makes sense to get a head start this year, especially as there are other things for which we need to be saving our pennies right now.

I managed to buy presents for 4 family members and have them wrapped in colourful paper ready to go under my tree when it goes up on 1st December.

Lumpy and I also managed to buy some Daddy presents – this was very exciting 🙂

I love Christmas anyway so provided I don’t go into overdrive, thinking about it a little bit earlier than usual can only enhance my experience.

However my productive trip was sullied by the necessity to make one painful purchase – flat shoes for work. Apparently stilettos are not suitable attire for pregnant ladies and whist I am sure I could continue to waddle in them successfully for a few months yet, it seemed sensible to retire my glamorous footwear for the next year, at least, and start getting used to flats.

The great news is that as it is pay day tomorrow, my credit card will not be groaning from the strain of today’s exertions for too long.


New Dress

28 07 2013


Following my shopping trip yesterday I have been anxious to road test all of my purchases before my upcoming holiday.

Today it was a chance to try out my new dress – a purchase which came with some unexpected side effects.

It is figure hugging and has a gorgeous Aztec print. I have accessorised with a black belt and sparkly jelly sandals.

Add to this my new properly fitting underwear and a confident glow that accompanies all outfits when worn for the first time and I feel a million dollars – this has not been lost on FFOMC. He appears to extremely taken with my new look and has had amorous intentions since I first wiggled my way into my new dress this morning.

I have never taken a keen interest in my appearance as it seems a tireless and high maintenance endeavour to do so but I have enjoyed FFOMC’s lustful gaze and knowing that I look well. I have previously mentioned that I lost a lot of weight very suddenly and unexpectedly – one friend has had the courtesy of being honest about the fact that for some time I looked drawn and overwrought for a while. However I am feeling more myself and although I have not put back on every pound that I lost I am looking healthier in recent weeks than I did 5 months ago.

I hope my new dress is a hit in the Dominican Republic in 11 days time and that I continue to feel this confident under the watchful eye of my husband.


Best shopping trip of the year!

27 07 2013

Shopping bags

Today FFOMC and I went on our annual shopping expedition to purchase the necessities for our summer holiday.

This traditionally starts with a visit to a range of local economy stores to purchase vests and tank tops, skirts, dresses and swimwear.

Then we move on to buy our sun cream, after sun, miscellaneous toiletries and of course sunglasses – which FFOMC loses each year making it necessary to buy replacements every 12 months.

I love this shopping trip. Not only is it one of only two trips that we are guaranteed to make together, but we also have a pub lunch and discuss at length our plans for our two weeks together in the sun and life and its many complexities.

I love the anticipation of a foreign trip. We love our time together and all that entails; for us this means, in no particular order: welcome drinks, travel, the sun, the beach, experiencing other cultures, towel animals, evening entertainment, excursions, cocktails, applying sunscreen and after sun to one another, getting a tan, swimming pools, meeting new people, aqua aerobics, synchronised swimming, BBQ’s and beach grills, sand on our toes, waves crashing, long romantic walks, flip flops, amazing views, swim up pools, reading a dozen books, all inclusive, food, drinks, water sports, amazing waiters, snuggles, air conditioning, balconies, postcards, discos, sunsets, ancient ruins, water polo, traditional dance, museums, hammocks, drinking from a coconut, palm trees.

I cannot wish my summer holiday away but I am really looking forward to our next adventure together in 12 days!

Reducing my Waste Line

20 01 2013

I am determined to make more efficient lifestyle choices this year and to cut my spending. I have been considering the cost of my monthly food bill. It shouldn’t be difficult to keep costs low with only two of us but we fall victim to some common mistakes that inflate what we spend on food.


Convenience: We rely heavily on the local Co-op over the road.  This terrific little convenience store reduces the need for planning ahead. If we the cupboards are bare, a trip to the supermarket is unnecessary as all the ingredients we need for a healthy meal are lining the shelves waiting for us a minutes’ walk away. Even during cooking if we discover we have run out of something it is a very quick fix and we don’t even need  turn the oven off. Unfortunately the cost of convenience is high and these trips add up costing us significantly more than we would have spent in a larger store.



Buying Too Much: Most of us are guilty of buying more than we need. I shop online for food but I’m not very good at it. I go through my “favourites” list clicking at random without much consideration about what I need. I rarely buy enough meat and the irresistible attraction of BOGOF offers means I often end up with too many perishable items particularly fresh vegetables that go off before they can be used. Another difficulty with buying online is you cannot physically see the amount you have purchased and assessed the capacity of your freezer. My husband approaches the task of putting frozen food away like a game of Tetris and is quite good at creating weekly meal plans by examining the use by dates of the food in the fridge.

A recent episode of the “Tonight” program suggested that food prices are expected to rise by 4-5% this year but that 7 million tons of food and drink are thrown away – an average of £680 per family per year. Buying too much and throwing it away does not make sense.



Not making the best use of the ingredients we have available.

On Friday, hubby and I were playing ready steady cook with the contents of our fridge. We wanted to use a large packet of minced beef. But we didn’t want to make our usually mistake of cooking a massive portion and throwing half of it away. We almost never freeze leftovers for use at a later date so a lot of good food goes straight in the bin. Instead we split the mince into two portions and planned to have spaghetti bolognaise one night and a hearty stew the next – two totally contrasting meals and very little food was wasted. It felt very virtuous.

We also throw out food because the best before date has passed. Better planning could ensure that this food is used in good time and a bit of discretion about whether it is still perfectly acceptable to use would go a long way.


Here’s hoping that 2013 will be a waste free year.

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