Dear Universe

26 11 2013


Dear Universe,

Hi there, it’s Z here. Now I don’t ask for much – I never have. I am fairly easy to keep happy. However I have been advised that in order to achieve our deepest desires all we need to do is ask you nicely, so I thought I would give it a go. That way we both know where we stand.

My deepest desire for a number of years now has been to own a house. This is not a new goal but it is becoming increasingly important to me as I will have my own child mid way through next year and I want him/her to have a safe and comfortable home to live in. So really I m not even asking for myself – I am that selfless!

I have just seen the most perfect place. As is always the case though, the deposit is a sticking point. I am trying really hard to raise as much as possible as quickly as possible but I am paying high rent and bills for my current accommodation and it is tricky. Now I understand that asking you for money is considered crass so I will simply say that I really want my own home and could you lend me a helping hand?

It could be in the form of a loan or maybe a small lottery or scratch card win, – I don’t care about the top prize on the Euro Millions but £7500 ought to do it. That isn’t a lot to ask is it? Achieving a perfect credit score would also be a small help in the right direction. And I genuinely believe that I am more deserving than another property developer who will charge high rent for another professional couple to shell out each month – no doubt preventing them raising a deposit for their own place.

So please, please, please Universe help me out.

Love and hugs Z


Seasons of Sums

17 10 2012

I have been most upset by a recent decision at work by the School Senior Management Team.

In their infinite wisdom they have decided that a series of inspections should take place at extremely short notice over the next few days.

I will write about the depth of my feeling on this issue tomorrow night but for those of you unfamiliar with the process of school inspections – they are a total pain in the backside. While this is being put forward as a learning opportunity – not to be confused with a ‘mock Ofsed Inspection’ – to the average classroom it is a dstinction without a difference.

Rather than post my thoughts without some time for reflection I have decided to express myself through the use of song.

An old friend of mine who has made a great impact on my life recently starred in a production of Rent and I saw a clip of her in performance singing Seasons of Love. The repetition of the numbers in this song has always appealed to me. I love the sentiment behind it, of the impossibility of measuring quality of life simply by counting up the number of minutes one has left to live. It occured to me that  in many ways this is similiar to my predicament of being judged professionally not by the quality of my work or the achievements of the young people I work with but on a box ticking exercise.

I have decided therefore to start rewritting the lyrics to reflect my own frustrations.

Its not finished but the lyrics are below and if you feel so inclined you can attempt to sing along using a karoke version of this song I found, ENJOY! (and if you come up with any good lyric to use for the second half I would be very grateful if you would share them with me 🙂



Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six observations;
Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Targets, oh dear!
Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six, damn inspectors;
How many drop in’s should you have in a year?

Your teaching, and practice, are up for


Performance Reviews are the bane of my life.

Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred children

Who need the guidance that

Will guide them in life


But it’s all about sums………………………………………..
Data and sums……………………………………………..
Numbers and sums………………………………………

Spreadsheets and sums (repeat)

Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six teaching standards!
4S will find a reason
that I should fail.


Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six evening meetings
How do you find time for the
Lessons you plan?