Pregnancy Photoshoot

21 10 2014


222-IMG_7264-bwcBack in January I posted about my upcoming maternity photo shoot.

I was looking for ideas for some bump photography as a keepsake of my first pregnancy.

Today I wanted to share the final image we choose.


Calling all Photographers

17 01 2014


I am looking for suggestions!

In just over 10 weeks FFOMC and I will be having some “bump” photography.

I want something classy preferably B&W although I am open to experimentation. I do not want a tacky nude shot, an embarrasing stereotypical couples shot with him making a heart shape with his hands over the bump or anything stilted and forced.

I love photographs and know what I like but I have no idea how to articulate the look I am going for, no skill myself behind the lens, a reluctant model in my husband  but I want to create something stylish, evocatve and timeless.

Please advise if you have any ideas.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

27 12 2013

head shoulders knees and toes

It would appear that Lumpy has discovered his arms and elbows.

This evening, the plan was to have a relaxing night on the sofa, snuggled up with FFOMC in front of the season finale of series 5 of Sons of Anarchy. However these plans were rudely interrupted by the persistent Mexican wave effect across my stomach as my wriggly child stretched and flexed his newly formed limbs. Dad-to-be grinned and gushed as his son rewarded him with kicks galore while I writhed and wriggled trying to find a comfortable position in which to lie.

It is reassuring that little Lumpy is such an active little being and is clearly having a whale of a time as he discovers new and interesting ways of manipulating his little body inside Mummy’s tummy. But if he took take a moment to acclimatise himself to his surroundings and be a little more aware of say avoiding my bladder for example and stay within certain “zones” I would be most grateful and a lot more comfortable.


I’m dreaming of a dry Christmas

26 12 2013

Dry Christmas

Each year the last big shop before Christmas has traditionally been to buy booze.

However this year I am unable to drink and this has meant some changes to my shopping list. As well as ditching alcohol I am trying to avoid caffeine and am becoming increasingly bored of orange juice and milk.

As I battled my way through the store, gone were the usual Sherry, red wine and seasonable cocktails and in their place were Shloer, Virgin Mojitos and some Peach concoction I have yet to sample.

Far from deminishing my festive spirit, I do not miss alcohol and have come to realise that it has played much to large a role in my life to date.
I have a nice bottle of Cava which I have been mixing with orange juice to enjoy with my meals on Christmas and Boxing day; mainly for a change of pace but beyond that it has been a dry Christmas for me for the first time since I turned 18.

I hope after the baby is born that I can maintain certain aspects of my current lifestyle and although I do not plan to be permanently alcohol free, I don’t think it will do me any harm whatsoever to keep it confined to weekends and special occassions.

“And onto them a son was given”

25 12 2013

Master Lumpy

 Master Lumpy 2As some of you may know FFOMC and I recently had our 20 week scan. Although we both wanted to know the gender of our baby, we decided to keep it a secret until Christmas Day as a special present.


The wait has driven us both crazy, but it was well worth it when we received the amazing news this morning that we will be having:


Very appropriate for Christmas and the best present ever.

Mum and Dad-to-be are delighted with our little one affectionately known as Lumpy for the time being. He got more presents than we did and is already a much loved and treasured addition to our wee family.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – 2014 will certainly ring in the changes for us 🙂

Wriggles and giggles

16 12 2013

Lumpy 20 weeks

Against all the odds, Lumpy managed to be the right way up for today’s exciting 20 week scan.

It is however the third occassion on which a sonographer has commented that our child is “very wriggley”. As these professionals see these sorts of scans all day every day it is of some concern that my husband and I have managed to create such a particularly wriggley little one.

However, all is well, measurements seem good, baby is healthy and contentedly stretching, kicking and playing in my tummy.

One very happy Mommy!


15 12 2013


Lumpy has been going daft this weekend and I am feeling the first proper kicks.
This energy surge is timed just right for the 20 week scan tomorrow morning. I hope Lumpy will be still for long enough to be caught on camera.
Poor Daddy has spent hours with his hand on my tummy trying to feel these movements but for now this is a special privilege for only me.