Disciplinary Hearings

8 10 2013


This evening FFOMC and I were chatting to a friend about the disciplinary processes of major retailers.

I know what you’re thinking – that’s very serious…

But no, we found that we were in agreement about the fact that the approach to even minor infringements and the language used to describe the procedures was quite melodramatic. With that in mind we considered how the use of music could further enhance the experience.

It cannot be such a stretch on resources for a company already in possession of a tannoy system to have some theatrical type transmitting news of such calamities to the store? I thought that the addition of an electric keyboard could provide the odd Da…da…daaaaaaaa sound affect to create atmosphere and set the mood.


Imagine how much more entertaining a visit from loss prevention would be if heralded by the Jaws music…

…or a manager catching a staff member in the act of misconduct being rewarded by the familiar Eastenders theme.

The Benny Hill music would make a great choice when chasing thieves from the premises.

Being booked in for a disciplinary hearing should surely be accompanied by the sound track to the Bill.

There must be a million possible scenarios that would be improved by the appropriate musical accompaniment.


What options would you add?





Theme tune for today

13 05 2013


I have always felt that the greatest improvement to my day to day life would be the introduction of a theme tune to signal my arrival and identify my mood on any given day.

As is perhaps evident from my latest posts – coursework season is upon me and I am feeling the strain.

I advise my classes to make judgements about just how stressed they should be about their attainment by listening to the music I am blasting through my overworked car stereo on my arrival at work each morning. This time last year my greatest hits were from the cannon of Slipknot, SOAD and Korn. And yes those kids should have been extremely worried!! Unfortunately they were not hence my need for release.

This year the dulcet tones of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Green Day and Matchbox 20 have seen much more action. Whilst there is no comparason to the level of panic and nausea I was feeling last year – this is still a challenging time of year and I am struggling to come up with a song choice to reflect my mood on my morning journey into work.

Whilst my inner rock goddess is screaming for me to pay homage to her – I am in favour of any alternatives that will calm me and keep me sane until this crazy month has come to an end.

Maybe Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life“?

Of course if I am really lucky FFOMC will make me a new mix tape – after all he is best placed to judge my moods!

All alternative suggestions greatfully received!

Song Title Challenge

9 04 2013


I love music! I have eclectic tastes and listen to a wide range of musical styles.

Music has a way of defining who we are. Particular songs can resonate and recapture feelings of long distant memories.

To celebrate my love of music I want to create the sound track for my Blog and wish to enlist the help of my readers.


The challenge is thus:

  • I will pick one of the recurring themes of my Blog.
  • I will then invite readers to sum up this theme using the title or lyrics taken from a song of their choice.
  • You can take a serious or witty approach as long as the link to the theme in question is clear.
  • If this succeeds in generating some interaction on my blog I will follow up with subsequent themes in the future
  • You can (and should), post as many times as you like
  • Using your Blog or other social media please direct any friends who are music lovers to my Blog and encourage them to join in and contribute their ideas.


I look forward to reading your sugestions – to start, please click on the link below!



Irrational happiness

21 03 2013

I have been a bit stressed out at work lately – its that time of year!

At times like these I have a number of ways of dealing with the blues – things that make me irrationally happy and never fail to lift my mood.

Tonight I brought out an old favourite, I love music and you can’t beat a good parody. I don’t know what it is about this song but I cannot listen to it without giggling like a teenager.

I would be interested in hearing about what things make other people as irrationally happy as this song make me.

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