Imaginary Friend

16 01 2014

Imaginary Baby

Ever the comedian, my husband recently posted the above image to his twitter account.

I should explain that in a moment of weakness I purchased this adorable little snow suit for my baby to wear next Christmas. I wanted to show it to my Mum who does not exactly live locally so I decided to take a photo to text her. Rather than lie it flat, I arranged it in “baby shape” on the sofa to give her an idea of what it would look like on her little grandson.

However when my husband came into the room to raid the fridge for a can of beer, he did a bit of a double take. With one raised eyebrow he made some caustic comments about his concern that my impatience about the arrival of our child in May had resulted in my fashioning an imaginary baby to fill what is clearly a gap in my life in the interim.

I wish to put the record straight – this is not intended as a substitute Lumpy – however adorable, it is clearly no substitute for the wriggling, giggling little boy currently swimming round happily in my tummy.


Lumpy’s bedtime song updated

16 01 2014

It was bothering me somewhat that I had only written the beginning of Lumpy’s bedtime song – so in classic OCD mode I have agonised about it until I gave up and had to create the ending 🙂

A productive way of spending my evening when I have so many other much more pressing matters to attend to!

Who tells the best bedtime stories Little Lumpy?

That would have to be your Mum.

Dad tries his best but he can’t do all the voices,

For sound effects, Mummy makes all the best choices!

So, who tells the best bedtime stories Little Lumpy?

That would have to be your Mum.

For a sense of drama and terrific ad libbed plots,

Just ask for your Mum you know she’ll pull out all the stops.

So, who tells the best bedtime stories Little Lumpy?

That would have to be your Mum.

My bouncing baby boy’s bedroom

14 01 2014

Lumpy's bedroom

I am finding any and all decisions at the minute are incredibly overwhelming. However despite my inclination to avoid thinking about and major issues I have definitely gone into nesting mode and plans for home improvements and decoration are in full swing.

It was the decision to order a new bed just before the end of the Christmas holidays that initiated project bedroom for us – with all new furniture and accessories due to be in place by 23rd January. Some preparation is still pending before everything is ready but it’s all well under way and we are looking forward to some restful night’s sleep snuggled up together with Lumpy.

However, we are now faced with the decisions that all parents-to-be encounter and last night marked the beginning of project baby’s room.

Little Lumpy will be getting the Alten 3 piece set from Mamas and Papas pictured above – excellent value and really sweet – as a gift from his wonderful Granny and Granda. I can’t wait to start preparing our second bedroom for our beautiful baby boy and I hope he will spend many long and peaceful nights in dream-land snuggled up in his comfy room rather than keeping his Mommy and Daddy up all night.


Lumpys bedtime song

13 01 2014

To entertain ourselves on the drive into school today, Lumpy and I devised a song together.

It is his bedtime song, intended to be sang before his bedtime story and is to the tune of the Dad’s Army theme song – karoke version attached for anyone who would like to sing along!

Who tells the best bedtime stories Little Lumpy?

That would have to be your Mum.

Dad tries his best but he cant do all the voices,

For sound effects, Mummy makes all the best choices!

So, who tells the best bedtime stories Little Lumpy?

That would have to be your Mum.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

27 12 2013

head shoulders knees and toes

It would appear that Lumpy has discovered his arms and elbows.

This evening, the plan was to have a relaxing night on the sofa, snuggled up with FFOMC in front of the season finale of series 5 of Sons of Anarchy. However these plans were rudely interrupted by the persistent Mexican wave effect across my stomach as my wriggly child stretched and flexed his newly formed limbs. Dad-to-be grinned and gushed as his son rewarded him with kicks galore while I writhed and wriggled trying to find a comfortable position in which to lie.

It is reassuring that little Lumpy is such an active little being and is clearly having a whale of a time as he discovers new and interesting ways of manipulating his little body inside Mummy’s tummy. But if he took take a moment to acclimatise himself to his surroundings and be a little more aware of say avoiding my bladder for example and stay within certain “zones” I would be most grateful and a lot more comfortable.


“And onto them a son was given”

25 12 2013

Master Lumpy

 Master Lumpy 2As some of you may know FFOMC and I recently had our 20 week scan. Although we both wanted to know the gender of our baby, we decided to keep it a secret until Christmas Day as a special present.


The wait has driven us both crazy, but it was well worth it when we received the amazing news this morning that we will be having:


Very appropriate for Christmas and the best present ever.

Mum and Dad-to-be are delighted with our little one affectionately known as Lumpy for the time being. He got more presents than we did and is already a much loved and treasured addition to our wee family.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – 2014 will certainly ring in the changes for us 🙂

Special Present 1

19 12 2013


Tonight has been trying.

My husband is out gallivanting and I am exhausted and totally unengaged with the offerings on TV.

Whilst an early night is beckoning I am distracted with a special present under the tree.

During my scan on Monday the sonographer wrote the sex of my baby in a special card. It is currently sealed and underneath the Christmas tree buried under our other presents, and its calling to me.

I have never been one for delayed gratification and this special little secret is tantalisingly close to revealing itself in 6 days time. Short as the wait is – the anticipation might just kill me.

Will it be Miss Lumpy? Or Master Lumpy?