25 03 2013

Thank you to Parenting and Stuff for being the 250th like on my Blog!

On the about page Parenting and Stuff is described as: A mom to 3 kids, 2 dogs and 1 cat, (so far, but who’s counting) I know all the secrets to being a great and a perfect parent, and will reveal all of them to you in this blog, for free!!

She goes on to say that it is not a Blog about how to be a great parent but “a place for sharing with you special moments, wonders, worries, solutions, failures and successes …everything that can maybe help other people like me, who knows less from day to day about this mystery called  parenthood”.

I wish this woman all the success in the world and hope I will one day be as inspirational to prospective parents as she has been to me 🙂

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How many posts should you ‘readaday’

25 03 2013


I have managed to maintain the habit of writing something every day for a couple of months now.

While not everything I write is earth shatteringly brilliant, being consistent and writting regularly has had a positive impact on my site stats, likes and follows.

I try to make the effort to thank everyone who ‘likes’ my posts and to visit their Blog and read a few posts that they have written.

This seems the courteous thing to do as they have taken the time to read what I have written and I genuinely enjoy reading the wide range of topics and themes people Blog about. By reading a selection of posts by eah writer I can get a feel for each Blog and establish whether it is something I would like to follow myself.

As I have been generating more site traffic I am finding it harder and harder to do this causing me to question how many posts should I ‘readaday’

My Blog is after all a hobby not a full time career – (although wouldnt a career in blogging be a fine thing)! I go onto the freshly pressed screen and view the list of Blogs I follow and try to keep up to date with fellow bloggers whose work I enjoy. My two favourite bloggers are: Simple Tom and Jezzarath.

I enjoy the optimistic tone of one and I am married to the other. These I do go out of my way to read but there are SO many great Blogs out there and just not enough time to read them all.

How many posts written by others do you ‘readaday’? and at what point is it acceptable to switch off the computer and give up?

I'm part of Post A Day 2013