Poorly Finger

18 11 2013


Epic Fail whilst wrapping Christmas presents last night. Whilst running my scissors along my shiney silver ribbon to make it curley I managed to take a massive chunk out of my index finger.

I needed a plaster and it still hurts now 😦

Feeling sorry for myself.

I am sure it would get better quicker if my plaster had pictures on it of cartoon characters.



26 01 2013


I arrived home today from my Saturday job absolutely shattered! It is always tiring but this week it was double trouble as we had twice the number of children to contend with due to marketing tactic “bring a friend day”. I was also a bit run down.

At home before the kettle had a chance to boil for my much needed caffeine fix my husband approached me looking rather sheepish and uttered the words, “I need to ask a massive favour”. My Mother-In-Law needed a lift to A&E. She was in significant pain due to an injury she had sustained two weeks ago and despite a visit to her GP last week it had got progressively worse and she wasnt able to drive.

I cannot find words to express how much this conflicted with my own plans to curl up on the sofa with the heater on full and my tivo box being put to work as I caught up on my favourite shows. This was not to be. I had a quick lunch and resigned myself to make the trip to collect and deliver her to the hospital where I would attempt to complete some marking for school as we waited in the reception area for her to be seen. I was concerned that the trip would result in nothing more than reinforcement of the advice to continue with the pain medication and rest.

She was actually seen fairly quickly and returned to us in under an hour with a set of crutches and a new diagnosis, it would appear that the injury is pretty serious and will involved a follow up visit to the fracture clinic next week.

On the drive home she expressed how grateful she was to me and thanked me over and over again.

It got me thinking about the value of giving up your time for someone. If a family member needs to go to the hospital it is of course a no brainer no matter the inconvenience, but I started to think about other situations.

In the run up to Christmas I put personalised hand written letters in each of my cards – a time consuming process but really valued by family and friends back home that I don’t see very often. My sister often enjoys bending my ear about her new part time role and asking for advice about lesson plans, a bus mans holiday for me but a I am a valuable source of information for her. A good family friend who is a widower really enjoys my phones calls particularly when he is feeling lonely around significant dates and anniversaries. Another good friend who has been ill has expressed extreme gratitude that I continue to visit, call and offer support.

I am not suggesting that I am a saint, but my free time is extremely limited and I really value it, so it is easy to neglect responsibilities that appear arduous. I would much rather have spent today in the comfort of my own home but I am glad that I got in made car and made the trip to A&E.

Take a few minutes to check in on someone who would value your time – you never know when a time might come that you will be grateful that someone took time out of their life for you.

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