Flat shoes and tight waistbands

7 11 2013

Pregnant women

It was with deep regret that over the half term holiday I made a shopping trip I have been dreading since early September. The time had come to retire my stillettos and invest in some flat shoes and boots for work.

This made me very sad 😦

However it was a necessary change as my job demands that I stand for hours at a time and with my center of gravity shifting each and every day it was inconceivable that I would be able to totter round in high heels until May.

But it would appear that sensible shoes will not be my only necessary purchase to accomodate my changing body shape and circumstances. My waistband is gradually tightening across my rapidly expanding stomach and as all of my clothes are starting to become uncomfortable it is becoming more and more difficult to disguise my pregnancy bump.

In truth it is a wonderful reason to need to reconsider my wardrobe, but it could prove costly and with Christmas on the way I know some family members who are hoping that I can hold off until 25th Dec before embracing maternity wear on a more full time basis. The biggest problem is jammies. They are the one item of clothing that should be guaranteed to make me fel all cozy and relaxed yet they currently make me look a bit of a heffalump and squeeze me in a not entirely comfortable way.

So a trip shopping for some more basics may be necessary – sooner rather than later I fear. Like his/her Mummy, Lumpy is determined to be noticed.


Naming the bump

27 10 2013


Long before parents-to-be discuss whether their growing baby will be a George, Mary, David or Susan; they are faced with the decision of how to address the “bump”. This is especially important before the sex of the child is known as the term “it” can hardly be considered a term of endearment designed to help parents-to-be engage with their unborn child. Nor is “the baby” compatible with the growing tendency in modern language tendency to abbreviate and shorten everything.

Readers who read of my first glimpse of my child will be aware that my bump is known as LUMPY.

As is probably the case with many pregnant women, I did not consciously choose a name for my bump – if anything it sort of chose itself.

In the earliest days of my pregnancy I received a humorous text message from one of the few people who knew my news from the very beginning who signed off with “take care of Lumpy” – as this was light hearted, and endearing it stuck.

However if I had any reservations then a clawing memory of another “Lumpy” eventually surfaced a few days ago. As an avid Winnie the Pooh fan – ever since the day my Datty brought me home my very own golden furry teddy bear adorned with the familiar red jumper – I was delighted to remember that Lumpy is also the name of the heffalump who befriends Pooh and the gang in the 2005 Heffalump movie.

So for the next 6 months I will be playing host to Lumpy in my Tummy – this could so easily be a song title from the Winnie the Pooh franchise – until FFOMC and I settle on something much more sensible and befitting our offspring.