FTB: Father-to-be

17 02 2014

It has been pointed out to me that in my current condition it is no longer appropriate to refer to my wonderful husband as FFOMC (future father of my children) as he is in actual fact the father of the little boy growing in my tummy.

As such I have revised the acronym that I have come to love.

He will henceforth be know – at least until May 2014 – as FTB: father-to-be.

The man himself is hard at work preparing our home for our new arrival and I am getting twitchy being unable to help as much as I would like to. Little Lumpy will be so lucky to have this wonderful man in his life.

This made me cry

2 01 2014


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“And onto them a son was given”

25 12 2013

Master Lumpy

 Master Lumpy 2As some of you may know FFOMC and I recently had our 20 week scan. Although we both wanted to know the gender of our baby, we decided to keep it a secret until Christmas Day as a special present.


The wait has driven us both crazy, but it was well worth it when we received the amazing news this morning that we will be having:


Very appropriate for Christmas and the best present ever.

Mum and Dad-to-be are delighted with our little one affectionately known as Lumpy for the time being. He got more presents than we did and is already a much loved and treasured addition to our wee family.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – 2014 will certainly ring in the changes for us 🙂

Baubles, bangles and beads

24 12 2013

special mum and dad

This time last year as I spent the evening with FFOMC I couldnt wait for Christmas morning.

As is our tradition we start the day by opening our Christmas stockings in bed, usually at an unreasonably early hour despite the absense of children in our home.

I was particularly excited about a small gift nestled in the toe of his stocking – a last minute purchase inspired by one of FFOMC’s weaker moments following a work party. He had come home tipsy and bleary eyed and for some reason a little emotional about the worry that we would never have a family of our own. I reassured him that although I wasn’t ready to start a family that second in time, I did want to be the mother of his children.

The next day on a last minute shopping trip I discovered the Christmas bauble pictured above. It doubles as a money box and reads:

“Merry Christmas to a Special Mum and Dad”

I wrapped it carefully and attached a tag with the following words written on it:

“This gift is only little, but it’s special in a way,

It’s a promise of the future that I’ll spend with you one day.

For now you just protect it & fill it up with me,

And maybe this time next year it can hang upon our tree.

You’ll need to make the nice list so you better not be bad,

And by this time of next year you could be a special Dad.”

At the time I wrote these words I had no immediate plans to become a parent but low and behold, one year later I am once again excited on Christmas Eve, but this year our special Christmas bauble is hanging on the tree and we are anxious to open a card which will reveal whether we are expecting a little boy or a little girl.

FFOMC will indeed make a wonderful father and no doubt this time next year we will be filled with all the excitement experienced by all new parents about to spend their first Christmas with their first child.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Lumpy’s first picture

1 11 2013

Lumpy 2Antenatal scan take 2.

I had a stern Mommy chat with Lumpy on the way to the hospital today and outlined my expectations extremely clearly. My expectation was that Lumpy lay still for long enough to enable Mummy and Daddy to get a picture. I was also adamant that there would be no star jumps whatsoever!

On arrival I was not keen on the atmosphere in the antenatal waiting area. It was crammed with people – making it appear that many of the expectant mothers did not read the literature which suggested bringing only one person with you and not your entire extended family. I have requested a return to our usualy location for our next appointment.

FFOMC and I have definitely made a little wriggley little baby. I am not upset or angry about the wriggling as we did get a number of lovely pictures of our first child and Lumpy certainly appears to be having a whale of a time in my tummy.

Apparently little Lumpy is growing well, making good progress and appears to be a very active and healthy little person.

Mummy and Daddy are delighted and a few sources have already suggested that our little one may have my nose 🙂

Cuddles will not squish the baby

29 10 2013

squashed elephant

Anxious parent mode activated

FFOMC is concerned that cuddles may squish our baby.

They will not.

That is all.


Lumpy meets Granny and Grandad

28 10 2013


This weekend marked another important milestone for Lumpy. FFOMC and I made a trip to Northern Ireland to celebrate our baby news with my family. FFOMC went into overdrive, checking the all knowing oracle that is the internet for information about whether or not it is safe for me to travel by plane, to add to his ever growing knowledge about enjoying a healthy pregnancy.

We arrived on Friday evening to a warm reception at Belfast International Airport where Granny and Granddad admired my already visible bump before treating us to pizza and drinks by the fire – for me this meant just under half a glass of red wine (although it was a damn good one) followed by lots of Shloer.

On Saturday my sisters, their partners & my two lovely nephews arrived in my childhood home for a catch up before a Halloween party that evening complete with decorations, supper and fireworks. The fireworks were operated by FFOMC – sure I may not be able to fly but the soon to be father can play with matches and explosive material!

Telling close family friends about Lumpy was great – I explained how I have spent three months working on my Halloween costume before revealing that I came as a Mummy – hugs and congratulations all round 🙂

Sunday meant a visit to a carvery at The Stormont Hotel before a return trip home which was surprisingly stress free despite the storm warnings.

It always surpries me how quick these visits home seem and especially with such big news to share. I mis everyone already and am keen to organise my next visit – although my family may need to come to me next time as I am assured it will be become increasinly unsafe for me to fly myself 🙂