29 03 2013


The more eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that my last post was a day late. This is because of an impromptu decision last night to stay in a hotel following my sister-in-laws wedding.

I was extremely disappointed that I wasn’t able to able to attend the ceremony in the afternoon because of work commitments. In fact I was surrounded by a sea of paperwork when I received a text from my husband immediately lifting my mood, suggesting that I pack an overnight bag when I finished work and he would book us a room for us. This meant I could relax at the evening reception and enjoy a few drinks without having to drive home.

After our disastrous date day a few weeks ago I welcomed the opportunity to do something spontaneous and romantic. I rushed home picking up my new outfit on the way, and a fabulous pair of nude peep toe stilettos. I even squeezed in a visit to the hair dresser to have my hair pinned to perfection atop my head in what I would describe as a designer messy look.

When I arrived at the evening reception – feeling like a million dollars – my husband of 8 years beamed at me as he ushered me into the chair next to his.

The evening involved a little dancing – something he definitely needs a few beers to even consider – some red wine, a buffet, and some quality time with my extended family.

As I enjoyed being in my husband’s arms I noticed how ecstatic my sister-in-law looked in the arms of her new husband at the end of the evening. She had swapped her pure white gown for the ceremony, with a pillar box red cocktail dress for the evening entertainment and clung to her new husband as the dulcet tones of Chris De Burgh crooning “Lady in Red” resonated from the speakers.

When the morning arrived about 8 of us enjoyed a full English breakfast together before a long walk round the pond admiring the ducks and huddling together in the cold with our faces red and windswept and our hair tousled. When we all completed the circuit we decided that a final drink in the hotel bar was in order before we went our separate ways on the journey home.

I got a lot of pleasure from this spontaneous romantic evening – maybe the key to romance and successful date days is not to over plan them but to just go with the flow.


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