Special Present 2

20 12 2013

Mommy present

The presents under my Christmas tree continue to taunt me!

I LOVE Christmas! I always get really excited in the build up to the festivities. I enjoy buying presents for other people but rarely know what I want for myself.

However this year one present in particular has really caught my eye – the white and red wrapping paper is adorned with a tag reading “To Mummy, love Lumpy”.

Now, delighted as I am and sweet as this is, it has resulted in some concerning questions about my offspring. There appear to be a lot of presents under the tree from Lumpy. If the little one is this accomplished at using a credit card in utero, can I expect issues over the next 18 years? Should I cut up all my plastic now just to be safe?

Food for thought, however I can’t wait to open my first Mummy present 🙂



21 11 2013

baby heartbeat

Today was my 16 week appointment with my midwife.

All is well with Lumpy and my all my tests have come back with great readings, suggesting everything is good. Baby is happy, healthy and bouncy.

The best part was hearing Lumpy’s little heartbeat for the first time.

The midwife started to explain that it can be hard to find it at only 16 weeks but she didn’t have the opportunity to finish the sentence as the room was filled with a sound like a racing drumbeat.

No wonder I am so exhausted all the time. Between the frantic pulsing in its little chest and the constant bouncing and jiggling round in my tummy, I wonder how I have the energy to do anything else.

Dad-to-be seemed proud as punch with his little gymnast and neither of us can believe that I am almost at the half way point already. The midwife also had the most fantastic idea which I wanted to share as it is the sweetest thing…as my 20 week scan is on 16th December which is very close to Christmas and we both want to know the sex, she suggested that we ask the sonographer to write the sex on a Christmas card and place it sealed under the Christmas tree to open on Christmas morning. What an amazing gift to look forward to, news of whether we are having a son or daughter.

So excited about my little one 🙂