Virtuous Sunday

17 11 2013

Happy SundayI cannot believe it is almost 10pm already.

In contrast to my plans of indulging in one relaxing day a week I have had a very busy Sunday. I am feeling quite virtuous but I will no doubt pay for it tomorrow.

My activities of the day included:

  1. A large load of coloured washing.
  2. Marking GCSE essays.
  3. Marking KS3 books.
  4. Ordering a DVD for Enterprise Day and a script for my year 11’s.
  5. Writing a reference for a student.
  6. Filling out a dull form.
  7. Updating my address book.
  8. Writing more than half of my Christmas Cards.
  9. Wrapping a few more Christmas presents.
  10. And finally, my personal favourite: arranging the flowers bought for me by my wonderful husband who appreciates all my hard work.



The future father of my children….has left me a list

24 07 2013

choresFirst morning of the summer holidays – YAY!

But FFOMC is taking pains to ensure that I do not whittle away my days in idleness.

After a glorious lie in I woke to discover a message scribbled hastily onto the back on an envelope in red pen. Not a love note urging me to enjoy my precious and well earned time off but a list of chores for me to complete today.

  1. Washing up
  2. Laundry
  3. Vacuum living room
  4. Clean kitchen
  5. Recycling

Not an entirely unreasonable list but I am loath to set a precedent that these sort of demands are acceptable. The next 5 and a half weeks could potentially feel very long and arduous if I wake up to a new list every morning.

But with the white noise that is daytime television droning away in the background I have made a good start on my summer clean up before I make a start on the activities listed on my summer bucket list.