Head, shoulders, knees and toes

27 12 2013

head shoulders knees and toes

It would appear that Lumpy has discovered his arms and elbows.

This evening, the plan was to have a relaxing night on the sofa, snuggled up with FFOMC in front of the season finale of series 5 of Sons of Anarchy. However these plans were rudely interrupted by the persistent Mexican wave effect across my stomach as my wriggly child stretched and flexed his newly formed limbs. Dad-to-be grinned and gushed as his son rewarded him with kicks galore while I writhed and wriggled trying to find a comfortable position in which to lie.

It is reassuring that little Lumpy is such an active little being and is clearly having a whale of a time as he discovers new and interesting ways of manipulating his little body inside Mummy’s tummy. But if he took take a moment to acclimatise himself to his surroundings and be a little more aware of say avoiding my bladder for example and stay within certain “zones” I would be most grateful and a lot more comfortable.



Wriggles and giggles

16 12 2013

Lumpy 20 weeks

Against all the odds, Lumpy managed to be the right way up for today’s exciting 20 week scan.

It is however the third occassion on which a sonographer has commented that our child is “very wriggley”. As these professionals see these sorts of scans all day every day it is of some concern that my husband and I have managed to create such a particularly wriggley little one.

However, all is well, measurements seem good, baby is healthy and contentedly stretching, kicking and playing in my tummy.

One very happy Mommy!


21 11 2013

baby heartbeat

Today was my 16 week appointment with my midwife.

All is well with Lumpy and my all my tests have come back with great readings, suggesting everything is good. Baby is happy, healthy and bouncy.

The best part was hearing Lumpy’s little heartbeat for the first time.

The midwife started to explain that it can be hard to find it at only 16 weeks but she didn’t have the opportunity to finish the sentence as the room was filled with a sound like a racing drumbeat.

No wonder I am so exhausted all the time. Between the frantic pulsing in its little chest and the constant bouncing and jiggling round in my tummy, I wonder how I have the energy to do anything else.

Dad-to-be seemed proud as punch with his little gymnast and neither of us can believe that I am almost at the half way point already. The midwife also had the most fantastic idea which I wanted to share as it is the sweetest thing…as my 20 week scan is on 16th December which is very close to Christmas and we both want to know the sex, she suggested that we ask the sonographer to write the sex on a Christmas card and place it sealed under the Christmas tree to open on Christmas morning. What an amazing gift to look forward to, news of whether we are having a son or daughter.

So excited about my little one 🙂


First glimpse of my child

23 10 2013


Yesterday will stand out in my memory as one of the best days in my life.

After what was, for us, an agonising 7 week wait, FFOMC and I made our way to the hospital for my first antenatal scan.

We were both really excited about seeing our child for the first time and confirming that everything was OK.

The experience was amazing but not entirely as expected.

FFOMC was a little late. He is still an inexperienced driver and had never visited this particular health centre before. He made a wrong turn when he was only one street away, resulting in two flustered parents-to-be running through the maze of corridors to find the correct department with only minutes to spare.

When we were settled and called in to have the scan, we watched eagerly as the screen flickered into life and a grainy image started to reveal itself amongst the grey fuzz that surrounded it. That was our first view of LUMPY.

“Oh look it’s doing a handstand.” Right enough there it was – our baby – only, for reasons known only to itself, it was completely upside down.

Much jiggling and prodding followed, to urge Lumpy to move into a more suitable position, I was even asked to attempt some star jumps to move the process along. I don’t know if you have ever seen a pregnant woman, wrestling with hormones and attempting to do star jumps in heels; but I am assured by FFOMC that it is a very funny sight to behold. Fathers to be please note – laughter is not the best response to these circumstances if you have any desire to add to your family at a future date.

After three further attempts to get a good view of the part monkey/part gymnast being inside me, I was sent for a walk and advised to drink as much water as I could manage before another attempt.

But after 15minutes Lumpy was still contentedly doing handstands – maybe it wanted an action shot of its new trick? “Mommy, Mommy, look at me, see what I can do?”

More prodding…

…more wriggling…

……more freaking star jumps.

Then, it was suggested that we try to take a look at the baby from a different angle.

I did not care for this new angle.

And apparently neither did Lumpy as the womb gymnastics continued, denying us the much needed money shot for the tests, measurements and picture which would have taken pride of place in my baby journal.

If FFOMC and I were engaged in competition over the issue I would definitely suggest that my genetics are winning right now.

Despite leaving the health centre without a picture of our beautiful, perfect baby, it was an amazing experience and what we did see will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

I have of course seen other people’s scans before, but nothing could have prepared me for seeing my own growing miracle. I fell in love with every shadow of its little spine and ribcage, FFOMC could not believe the clarity of the heart thumping rhythmically in it’s barely formed chest and when one little hand appeared on the screen, I had a lump in my throat.

I need to return for a second attempt at a scan in a few days, but while I will never have a record of this intimate and miraculous first sighting of my child, I will never forget the experience itself and the emotions I felt.

The future father of my children…is going to be a Dad :D

22 10 2013

baby news

Due 3rd May 2014

The future father of my children… is happy to name our child Hamlet

20 03 2013


Like many couples who have been together for a long time FFOMC and I have had the optimistic idealistic discussions about being parents and what our future children might be like. We also have the requisite list of potential baby names.

Creating this list has been a labour of love and I must say the list has seen great improvements over the last 14 years that we have been together.

When this topic was first discussed, FFOMC suggested Brandon if we had a boy and Emerald if we had a girl. As a teacher I come into contact with a lot of Brandon’s and the experience – for me – has been less than positive. Before you lynch me, I am sure there are many fantastic young men with this name! But all teachers have experiences that influence their attitudes towards particular names and I am afraid that for me Brandon is an unthinkable choice for my son. I don’t know anyone named Emerald (I think there may be good reasons for this) but again there may be some wonderful and inspirational Emerald’s out there who I simply have not yet met.

Our list of baby names has matured as we have with more grown up choices like: Katherine, Hannah, Emma and Jessica as possible girls names and Henry, Harry and Nathan for a little boy.

Of course this is all very hypothetical and it is common to feel differently when there is an actual baby or even just a bump to name.

The topic of children’s names was discussed recently in the staff room at school. My boss started giggling like a schoolgirl and when I pressed her on what had her so amused she said “You should so called your future children Hamlet and Ophelia or Romeo and Juliet”. We all had a giggle at this especially when I realised that my parents – who have strong views on the names of children – might actually buy into the idea that I would make these choices for long enough for any alternative I revealed to be a relief.

I was explaining this to FFOMC this evening. Thank goodness I’m not emotionally invested in the name Hamlet because the rest of the conversation went as follows:

“I could live with us naming our son Hamlet”

I almost fell out of my chair…

…”as long as his middle name is…wait for it”

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