Toaster ovens and silverware

12 08 2012

Back in 2004 my wedding was fast approaching and my fiancé and I decided to register our gift list with Debenhams.
The process was very straightforward. After our initial registration my fiancé and I had to book a time to go to our local store and were provided with a scanner. This little piece of technology was enough to keep my husband happy as we then visited all the relevant departments and he was able to scan all the items I, I mean WE thought we would need to help us set up a home together.
As we the first couple in our friendship circle to get married this was a new and unfamiliar process and our best man was horrified by the idea that we would ask for the gifts we wanted instead of letting our guests chose something themselves that they thought we would like.
I made an extremely bad decision that day. I explained to him that this was now common practice and it avoided the embarrassing situation where you received 17 toasters. These words should never have left my mouth. If only I had said 4 toasters. My friend has a quick wit and is keen to jump on any opportunity for mischief. On the day we left to fly to my birthplace of Northern Ireland with the bridal party, he arrived at our flat with a glint in his eye clutching a wedding present – a toaster.
Every year close to our anniversary he arrives with the most up to date flashy toaster he can get his hands on to add to our growing collection – this year we have received our 9th toaster. If nothing else we feel obliged to remain together until we receive the 17 he initially promised us and then I suppose we should invite everyone we know round for breakfast.

If this has amused you you can read about it from his perspective as well.