“Did I get it right Miss?”

22 11 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the end of my pretty mad week a yr9 boy bounced up to me in my last lesson of the day.

He reached into his pocket and produced a packet of milky buttons and a packet of chocolate buttons and with a beaming face asked me, “Did I get it right Miss?”

Seeing an opportunity for mischief and not fully grasping his question I took the packets and walked away exclaiming “Ohhhh, these are my favourites at the minute!”

As I grinned and offered the packets back to the still beaming child he repeated his question, “So, did I get it right Miss?”

I was a little confused and asked “Did you get what right sunshine?”

“Well you said that the baby is making you want buttons at the minute. I couldnt remember what type so I bought you one of each with my paper round money. One packet is for you and one is for Lumpy.”

In truth I dont remember sharing this information with my class so it must have been an aside at some point. But the fact that this 12 year old boy had not only taken it on board but gone home and decided to spend his hard earned pocket money on such a thoughtful gift has really moved me.

Even in the worst weeks working in education, there is always a child who you have reached, who in turn will reach back to you at a time when you most need a reminder of why one of the most rewarding careers available is in teaching.

Happy Friday xx


External Exams

9 07 2013


As I write this post I have just completed one full day of external LAMDA examinations with my Yr9 students and I still have three days to go.

The course was restarted last year – having been brought to a stop some time ago due to the cost of entering students.

I was informed by the examiner today that it is extremely rare to find a LAMDA course in a state secondary school and I am extremely proud of all that we have accomplished with our amazing students. We have created a diverse course incorporating the LAMDA specification as well as introducing students to a wide range of genres and techniques that will prepare them for future study of Drama and Theatre. We do not make it easy for them and include topics such as: Staislavski, Brecht, Musical Theatre and Shakespeare all in one year taught at a standard more typicaly associated with A-Level. The kids respond extremely well and so far they have exceeded our expectations.

That said – the examination process is exhausting!

Spending an entire day with sweaty, anxious students in this extreme heat is in itself a challenge. Taking on the multiple roles of; teacher, mentor, counsellor, friend, ally, to name but a few is definitely taxing.

I have had so many memorable moments already delivering this course. Like the time I let my own T-Shirt to a student who had forgotten to bring his “actors blacks”; or the time when I had to drive a child to and from his exam because he couldnt make it to school. There are several occassions I can recall when I could have washed my hands and declared that it was not part of my job role to resolve the ridiculous position I was placed in but these decisions have never caused me to experience a sense of regret; I want to see all of my students achieve and succeed.

Despite the fact that my students currently think I am the “Wicked Witch of the West”, I am very proud of them although they will never truly appreciate how desperately I want what is best for them.

Good luck LAMDA bunnies – you are amazing; although you will never truly come to know how much I care about each and every one of you you and how much I do to ensure that you achieve the success that you deserve.