Who will replace Charlie Hunnam?

21 10 2013
Love this fan art movie poster mock up.

Love this fan art movie poster mock up.

I am devastated that Charlie Hunnam will no longer be playing Christain Grey of Fifty Shades fame.

Having totally embraced the idea of the 33 year old Sons of Anarchy star in what will surely be a defining role, I eagerly scan the internet looking for confirmation that a suitable alternative has stepped up to the challenge.

It would appear that a furthur casting announcement is imminent but any plans for a release date of August 2014 now seem unlikly.


Perhaps the whole thing is some sort of seduction ploy by the film makers to indulge fans of a masochistic persuasion, by teasing and tormenting them during the build up much like Grey himself.


Fantasy Cast List

17 02 2013

I have often fantasised that the story of my life will one day form the basis for a major hollywood blockbuster. Obviously I am hopeful that this will be before my death so I can benefit from the royalties. But the BIG question is always the same – who would get to play ‘me” and the other characters needed to dramatise my life story?

After some discussion tonight about this very issue I decided to open this topic up for an online discusion.

It doesnt matter whether you are a major or minor player in my personal life story; I am asking this question of those I spend most of my waking minutes as well as the people who serve me my daily latte, and the bloggers who take the time to read what I have written and make insightful comments about my daily posts. It doesnt matter if you would be be the main protagonist or a walk on cameo in the movie version of my life; I just want to know what actor would play you and why you feel they would be qualified to play the role?

Please leave your comments below but be sure to include the following:

1/ The full name of the actor who would play ‘you’.

2/ A link to a picture of the actor in the film where they best capture your personality.

3/ A justification of your choice.

There are two possible candidates for the role of ‘me’ so far: Reese Witherspoon. and Anna Friel

I have been told that I share certain mannerisms and facial expressions with both actresses and share some of their personality traits.  I would argue that I am not as ‘polished’or beautiful as either of these actresses but I can understand why some people can see some resemblance. Aside from their appearance, I like that neither of these actreses are particularly contraversial but are down to earth and seem real in the midst of all the pressure and hype that is associated with ‘celebrity’.

Please leave you comments about your own casting preferences and feel free to make suggestions about actors for other ‘characters’. If you do know me personally, be aware that I may have my own ideas and you may wish to get in first before I publish my own dream casting of ‘you’!

If this post has inspired you you may even consider what the cast list of a film version of your own live might look like!

I will publish my Cast list at a later date based on the responses I get – or if needs be my personal thoughts.

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