Watching paint dry

18 01 2014

Watching paint dry

This is turning out to be a LONG weekend!

Whilst having a beautiful home is definitely something I aspire to, home decoration is arduous, especially as FFOMC and I are working to a deadline. Our flat pack bedroom furniture has been arriving over the past two weeks with one more item still to come – each piece is currently still in its box proped up against a wall and we are running out of space. But the delay to project painting while awaiting a visit from our landlord to give us the go-ahead, alongside the planned delivery and assembly of our new divan bed on Thursday means we are on a deadline to get our bedroom painted this weekend.

The painting part I have no partcular objection to. It is a task that rears its ugly head only once in a blue moon after all and the end result is worth the trauma but the waiting around is tedious and the impact on ever other room in my home is causing me to rip my hair from my head.

There are piles of clothes everywhere now that our wardrobe has been taken down and random items scattered throughout our flat and no way of dealing with them until the paint work is complete. However the process involves: washing the walls with sugar soap solution – then waiting 30minutes; painting the ceiling with one coat – then waiting some more; applying second coat – more waiting and so on and so forth. The panelled door took considerably longer than I had anticipated and the prospect of applying a second coat or even starting on the skirting boards was simply too much for today.

FFOMC has been absolutely amazing especially my current inability to clamber up ladders or stretch but I am an excellent tea maker and biscuit provider.

I am of course looking forward to my beautiful new bedroom which will hopefully be completed next Saturday when my 4 door wardrobe is assembled for us but until then I am living in absolute chaos, and then of course we need to move onto the nursery and the rest of the flat…




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