My bouncing baby boy’s bedroom

14 01 2014

Lumpy's bedroom

I am finding any and all decisions at the minute are incredibly overwhelming. However despite my inclination to avoid thinking about and major issues I have definitely gone into nesting mode and plans for home improvements and decoration are in full swing.

It was the decision to order a new bed just before the end of the Christmas holidays that initiated project bedroom for us – with all new furniture and accessories due to be in place by 23rd January. Some preparation is still pending before everything is ready but it’s all well under way and we are looking forward to some restful night’s sleep snuggled up together with Lumpy.

However, we are now faced with the decisions that all parents-to-be encounter and last night marked the beginning of project baby’s room.

Little Lumpy will be getting the Alten 3 piece set from Mamas and Papas pictured above – excellent value and really sweet – as a gift from his wonderful Granny and Granda. I can’t wait to start preparing our second bedroom for our beautiful baby boy and I hope he will spend many long and peaceful nights in dream-land snuggled up in his comfy room rather than keeping his Mommy and Daddy up all night.





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