I’m dreaming of a dry Christmas

26 12 2013

Dry Christmas

Each year the last big shop before Christmas has traditionally been to buy booze.

However this year I am unable to drink and this has meant some changes to my shopping list. As well as ditching alcohol I am trying to avoid caffeine and am becoming increasingly bored of orange juice and milk.

As I battled my way through the store, gone were the usual Sherry, red wine and seasonable cocktails and in their place were Shloer, Virgin Mojitos and some Peach concoction I have yet to sample.

Far from deminishing my festive spirit, I do not miss alcohol and have come to realise that it has played much to large a role in my life to date.
I have a nice bottle of Cava which I have been mixing with orange juice to enjoy with my meals on Christmas and Boxing day; mainly for a change of pace but beyond that it has been a dry Christmas for me for the first time since I turned 18.

I hope after the baby is born that I can maintain certain aspects of my current lifestyle and although I do not plan to be permanently alcohol free, I don’t think it will do me any harm whatsoever to keep it confined to weekends and special occassions.




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