Special Present 1

19 12 2013


Tonight has been trying.

My husband is out gallivanting and I am exhausted and totally unengaged with the offerings on TV.

Whilst an early night is beckoning I am distracted with a special present under the tree.

During my scan on Monday the sonographer wrote the sex of my baby in a special card. It is currently sealed and underneath the Christmas tree buried under our other presents, and its calling to me.

I have never been one for delayed gratification and this special little secret is tantalisingly close to revealing itself in 6 days time. Short as the wait is – the anticipation might just kill me.

Will it be Miss Lumpy? Or Master Lumpy?




2 responses

25 12 2013
“And onto them a son was given” | Zehira-blog

[…]  As some of you may know FFOMC and I recently had our 20 week scan. Although we both wanted to know the gender of our baby, we decided to keep it a secret until Christmas Day as a special present. […]

25 12 2013
Merry Christmas | So Far Untitled

[…] there was one present that I was really looking forward to opening today. As some of you may remember me and Wife are […]

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