The problem with Cadbury’s Roses

16 11 2013

Cadbury Roses

Like many households in the run up to Christmas always make sure there is a tin of Cadbury’s Roses to hand. This year will be no exception especially as I am not drinking right now I have an increased in chocolate. In fact I am working through a box as I write that was a gift from a student.

Much as it is easy to be drawn to the promise of variety, we all riffle through the tin looking for our favourite flavours and hoping that when we share Roses with friends and family they do not share our own tastes. I often wish I could buy a tin of Roses that only contained my personal preferences.

For me it is all about the soft centres: the ‘Tangy Orange Cream’, ‘Golden Barrel’ and the absolute bestest ever ‘Strawberry Dream’.

Of course it would remove the element of surprise when I encounter an unfamiliar wrapper and the sickly sweet gooey treats may lose their appeal when not tempered with the occasional bitter dark chocolate or nutty alternative. But the sugar high would be awesome.

What would you put in your own personalised tin of Roses?






One response

17 11 2013

I don’t believe we can get these in the States, at least not in the left coast. I adore dark chocolate and nuts, though, so I would want that. My hubby likes the fruity creams, so he could eat those. In this way, a mixed tin would benefit me because I wouldn’t eat it all by myself.

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