Feeling the cold

10 11 2013

ColdI have never coped well with cold temperatures. My home heaters have been well and truely “on” for the past few weeks now and my car heaters default poition is set to “hotter than the sun”.

I do not have the same luxury at work where I teach in the sub zero conditions of my icy studio standing next to the portable heater with my coat and scarf permanently on unless I am filming.

Looking at the cars parked outside my flat tonight I noticed the distinct misty glaze coating the windows suggesting that it will not be long before defrosting them before setting off on the morning trip to work will becom a necessity.

I often wish I was a bear so I could simply hibernate through the winter months – but then again I watched Brave and it looks like bears have their own issues to deal with so maybe not.

I have my warm winter clothes at the ready and will be armed with endless cups of decaff tea and coffee throughout the next few months in a bid to keep myself as warm as possible.

Th eone good thing about the cold…

…it makes me appreciate cuddles in front of the fire even more.




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