8 11 2013


I love the concept that what goes around comes around.

I have been fairly Zen like over the past few months and have not let the little stuff get to me as I normally would. I have been reflective and uncharacteristically quiet and non-confrontational despite my personal slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. This is not to say that I have not suffered disappointment and adversity; just that I have consciously not let it get to me.

Today was a good day, a day when – largely due to my own positive attitude – I was able to fully appreciate the way in which karma has stepped in and resolved some of the injustices I have been faced with.

I believe that ultimately the world always works this way, we are just usually too wrapped up in the fine detail of the goings on in our lives to notice.

Thank you karma for redressing the balance and opening my eyes to the benefits of a positive outlook and the ability to smile inwardly, focus on the important things in life and trust in the universe to sort out the rest.




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