What if the bad guy won?

3 11 2013

bad guy

My husband has long harboured a desire to write a book. He has brilliant ideas but lacks focus and cannot structure his work to form a coherant story with a clear beginning, middle and end. He is writing in the fantasy genre and the idea is to create a stand alone story & his concept invlves the bad guy winning.

I have set him a challenge to write an epilogue so he has an ending point to work towards.

So I asked the following questions:

  1. What does the bad guy want?
  2. What happens when the bad guy wins?

I have suggested that he put together a series of bullet points answering these questions before he can set about writing his ending. Any ideas fellow bloggers?





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3 11 2013

All I can say if he wants to do it than get right in there and do it. I am defantly not a writer and I to wanted to write a book also. Finley I decided to write a blog and even though I had know ideal what I was doing I just started writing and have truly enjoyed it. So tell your hubby to just jump in and do it. Good luck; Jim

3 11 2013
Doug Daniel

This is an interesting idea, but I predict it will not be popular– fantasy audiences are conditioned to expect the good guys to win– if not in the first book, then in the sequel. You would have to do it very carefully.

Your two questions are critical, but I think you also need to ask who are the ‘good guys’? Maybe you don’t want good guys, only shades of gray. In that case you might get something like the Godfather, where in the end everyone is compromised.

It would be nice to see something that didn’t follow the standard fantasy paradigm.

4 11 2013

I think that is what he is going for, thanks for your imput.

4 11 2013

I am one of those people who doesn’t like the bad guy to win. However, I agree that your hubby does need to have a clear motive and goal for his antagonist and to have conflict he will need a good guy to defeat him. If said “bad guy” is going to win in the end, the roles will essentially be reversed. His nemesis (the good guy) will be much stronger and seem unbeatable in the beginning. If you search warriorwriters.Wordpress.com under “antagonist” you will find some great articles by Kristen Lamb on this subject.

4 11 2013

Thanks I will get him to take a look.

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