Lumpy’s first picture

1 11 2013

Lumpy 2Antenatal scan take 2.

I had a stern Mommy chat with Lumpy on the way to the hospital today and outlined my expectations extremely clearly. My expectation was that Lumpy lay still for long enough to enable Mummy and Daddy to get a picture. I was also adamant that there would be no star jumps whatsoever!

On arrival I was not keen on the atmosphere in the antenatal waiting area. It was crammed with people – making it appear that many of the expectant mothers did not read the literature which suggested bringing only one person with you and not your entire extended family. I have requested a return to our usualy location for our next appointment.

FFOMC and I have definitely made a little wriggley little baby. I am not upset or angry about the wriggling as we did get a number of lovely pictures of our first child and Lumpy certainly appears to be having a whale of a time in my tummy.

Apparently little Lumpy is growing well, making good progress and appears to be a very active and healthy little person.

Mummy and Daddy are delighted and a few sources have already suggested that our little one may have my nose 🙂




2 responses

1 11 2013
Mischief64 - AKA Caroline Fosbury

So glad Lumpy is currently listening to Mummy’s instructions. Be warned,, this will not last! lol. Wonderful pic tho XX

1 11 2013

You underestimate me 🙂

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