The future father of my children…is going to be a Dad :D

22 10 2013

baby news

Due 3rd May 2014


Visiting home

22 10 2013


In 5 days I will be off to good old Norn Iron to visit my family and indulge in my favourite supper of the pastie variety.

This trip will be especially good not only because it coincides with my parent’s annual Halloween party but also because for the first time in a LONG time FFOMC will be joining me.

No matter how long I live in Southern England, Norn Iron will always be the place I call home and I look forward to a few precious days there with good company and great craic.

Who will replace Charlie Hunnam?

21 10 2013
Love this fan art movie poster mock up.

Love this fan art movie poster mock up.

I am devastated that Charlie Hunnam will no longer be playing Christain Grey of Fifty Shades fame.

Having totally embraced the idea of the 33 year old Sons of Anarchy star in what will surely be a defining role, I eagerly scan the internet looking for confirmation that a suitable alternative has stepped up to the challenge.

It would appear that a furthur casting announcement is imminent but any plans for a release date of August 2014 now seem unlikly.


Perhaps the whole thing is some sort of seduction ploy by the film makers to indulge fans of a masochistic persuasion, by teasing and tormenting them during the build up much like Grey himself.


Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

18 10 2013


I have been feeling a little fragile over the last week or so. In a bid to cheer myself up I bought a pack of ginernut biscuits and placed them in my work filing cabinet.

I dont eat a lot of biscuits and usually confine myself to one biscuity treat per week at my part time Saturday job. But it was reassuring to know there was a packet there if I needed them.

When I went looking for them sometime last week and discovered they were missing I thought I was going a bit daft but following a furthur desperate attempt to tear the studio appart today I casually asked a colleague if he had seen them.

Not only had he opened the packet and helped himself, but he then decided to “share” them with a group of students.

I cannot express how seriously uncool I found this but my resulting frame of mind was a little like this….

Cant believe some missing gingernuts managed to totally ruin my entire day.

Bye bye shoes

17 10 2013
Shoes 1

My current but very depleted shoe collection.

Today I started what I hope will end up being an epic clear out.

With only limited storage available in my current home, the time is long overdue to sort through the rubbish, take a few trips to the dump, and recycle anything that can be recycled, make a few donations to charity and generally clear the decks.

I have a list in mind of little corners of my flat that need my urgent attention; the cupboards that need cleaning inside and out, the clothes I no longer wear occupying space in my wardrobe, the dressing up gear, old photos and magazines, teaching resources and literature (that I never plan to read) and thousands of books that need a new home.

But for some reason, the area by my front door was bothering me and was first to demand my attention.

This sacred little corner is where my shoes live – and anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE my shoes!

But it has also become a space for objects in transit, a purgatory of sorts, somewhere between their previous home and the bin. You know those items that you aren’t quite sure how to dispose of? – Like our broken ironing board, empty heavy duty boxes and cardboard tubes used to deliver posters.

So today I tackled this problem area, ridding my hallway of debris and old tat, vacuuming, washing the walls and even a healthy spray of Febreze for good measure – but it also meant bidding a fond farewell to my collection of retired shoes 😦

It was painful parting with some of my old friends, even with their broken heels, scuff marks and worn leather.

However I am delighted with my clear hallway complete with prized collection of my current footwear – and after a good sort out, I suppose I have made room for a few more pairs…

17th October teacher strike: An open letter to parents

16 10 2013

On 17th Oct, along with my fellow teachers, I will be on strike. Public oinion may not always be for teachers but I found this great open letter to parents that I wanted to share. It is easy to forget in the midst of the disruption and politics, that teachers not only know what is in the best interests of their students, but care about fighting for education.

Equus altus

Dear Parents

I’ve taken some time out to write this open letter to you because I believe it’s important to let you know why I am striking with my fellow teachers on Thursday 17th October.

Firstly, let me apologise for the inevitable inconvenience this action will cause many of you. Teachers do recognise – partly because many of them are parents themselves – that having to find childcare for the day or take a day off work to look after your children is a burden. That’s why taking strike action is always a very last resort. Believe me, none of us are particularly keen on losing a day’s pay either.

Many of you will have read in the press or heard on the news that teachers are taking strike action over changes to their pay and pensions. Often, this is shrouded in an air of disapproval, almost as if…

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The future father of my children…bought me flowers

16 10 2013

Flowers 1

Not known for being a “romantic” as such FFOMC arrived home last week with a beautiful bunch of flowers for me “just because”.

He chose my favourite colour purple teamed with lovely pinks and whites.

In addition to making me feel very spoiled, this has earned him about a zillion husband points.