Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

18 10 2013


I have been feeling a little fragile over the last week or so. In a bid to cheer myself up I bought a pack of ginernut biscuits and placed them in my work filing cabinet.

I dont eat a lot of biscuits and usually confine myself to one biscuity treat per week at my part time Saturday job. But it was reassuring to know there was a packet there if I needed them.

When I went looking for them sometime last week and discovered they were missing I thought I was going a bit daft but following a furthur desperate attempt to tear the studio appart today I casually asked a colleague if he had seen them.

Not only had he opened the packet and helped himself, but he then decided to “share” them with a group of students.

I cannot express how seriously uncool I found this but my resulting frame of mind was a little like this….

Cant believe some missing gingernuts managed to totally ruin my entire day.




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