Bye bye shoes

17 10 2013
Shoes 1

My current but very depleted shoe collection.

Today I started what I hope will end up being an epic clear out.

With only limited storage available in my current home, the time is long overdue to sort through the rubbish, take a few trips to the dump, and recycle anything that can be recycled, make a few donations to charity and generally clear the decks.

I have a list in mind of little corners of my flat that need my urgent attention; the cupboards that need cleaning inside and out, the clothes I no longer wear occupying space in my wardrobe, the dressing up gear, old photos and magazines, teaching resources and literature (that I never plan to read) and thousands of books that need a new home.

But for some reason, the area by my front door was bothering me and was first to demand my attention.

This sacred little corner is where my shoes live – and anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE my shoes!

But it has also become a space for objects in transit, a purgatory of sorts, somewhere between their previous home and the bin. You know those items that you aren’t quite sure how to dispose of? – Like our broken ironing board, empty heavy duty boxes and cardboard tubes used to deliver posters.

So today I tackled this problem area, ridding my hallway of debris and old tat, vacuuming, washing the walls and even a healthy spray of Febreze for good measure – but it also meant bidding a fond farewell to my collection of retired shoes 😦

It was painful parting with some of my old friends, even with their broken heels, scuff marks and worn leather.

However I am delighted with my clear hallway complete with prized collection of my current footwear – and after a good sort out, I suppose I have made room for a few more pairs…




One response

17 10 2013

I agree you need to replace at least half of those shoes you had to dump. In fact, I give you permission to do it. If they’re on SALE, no one can object, right?
I am of the mindset that there is no such thing as too many shoes or jackets.
But, the closet needs a thorough cleaning every year, for sure. It feels good to dump all that stuff we never use.

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