Dream House – viewing cancelled

12 10 2013

house_cartoonFFOMC and I were due to view a property today. It went on the market late on Thursday.

We received a call and booked a viewing at 4pm today. But by midday yesterday this was cancelled as it had already gone under offer.

Now this would potentially have been the most frustrating house viewing ever. We registered our interest in a particular development some time ago expecting the release date to be round about Christmas. As such we are not really in a position to buy right now but do not want to appear like we have lost interest. FFOMC has also not seen the actual development; I visited with my parents; saying that he trusts my judgement.

Thi was slighly better than the plots we have been looking at. It is a house rather than an appartment, came with a little garden and was only 2500 more than the most expensive appartment on offer.

Now although we are not in a position to make an offer there was a chance we could have enlisted family support etc to help with the deposit and at the very least we could have crunched the numbers and reassessed how achievable and in what sort of time period.

This property is not to be. Next time though – maybe next time.




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