Lop-sided pigtails and wonky glasses

5 10 2013


Last week something very unusual happened to me – I was sent home sick from my Saturday job.

I returned today feeling a little bit grotty and exhausted from a tiring week at school.

By my last class of the day I was already longing for home when I sat in front of the beaming faces of the 4-6year old group.

They squirmed sitting on the floor in front of me struggling to contain their excitement about regaling me with updates of their busy social schedules. I was about to call time on the “news” section of my lesson when I selected a little girl with the most serious  expression possible, contrasting with the fabulously lop-sided pigtails and wonky glasses that kept sliding down her nose forcing her to push them back into position every few minutes.

I have a soft spot for this type of child because I myself was once one of them. I could not compete with the pristine, blond haired, blued eyed girls whose mothers knew how to tease their hair into an immaculate French braid every morning, I was always a little unpolished, but like the little girl in front of me this afternoon I was very earnest.

When the rest of the group had finally settled and stopped what appeared to be attempts to polish to floor with their bottoms, she spoke.

“I just wanted to say that I am so glad you are better. We missed you so much. I love Drama; it’s my favourite because you’re the teacher.”

I only had a second to well up before 12 little 4-6 year old bodies launched themselves at me for a group hug to show their appreciation.

For the remainder of the lesson I did not feel the slightest bit grotty and wore a massive massive smile.





2 responses

5 10 2013
I was there

Good work as usual sis!!

5 10 2013
Mischief64 - AKA Caroline Fosbury

Kids honesty is often refreshing and in this case a little bit healing as well. Such a lovely way to finish your day.

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