Help my ears are bleeding!

2 10 2013

bleeding ears

Every so often I do a ring round of family back in Northern Ireland for a bit of a catch up. Tonight was devoted to some long overdue chats with Mommy, and my two little sisters. Even FFOMC took time out for a brief hello to each of them, despite his dislike of the phone.

Amazing as it is to touch base and get all the gossip, these catch-ups do come with some unpleasant side affects.

My head is splitting, my ears are ringing and my sides are sore from the giggling, screaming and general lack of moderation or volume control. FFOMC also looks a tad shell shocked and may be experiencing mild tinnitus.

We have been forced to conclude that my family carries some obsure “part witch” DNA strand causing high pitched cackling when the coven convenes. Wish I had the magic wand to accompany this genetic quirk but at least I have great family with whom I enjoy terrific craic.





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