I want ALL FOOD!

30 09 2013


I have had an uncharacteristically gluttonous day.


I feel like a cross between Mr Greedy, the very hungry caterpillar and one of the contestants of Biggest Loser having a particularly bad day off the wagon.

My body surely cannot need all the junk that I have put into it but my appetite has been insatiable. I want breakfast cereal bars, hash browns, shepherd’s pie, pasta bake, sugary cola, black forest desert, milky bar buttons, roast chicken crisps, a dozen glasses of milk, whatever the neighbour was cooking earlier that filled the communal hallway with a delicious cooking smell and to top it all off Haribo jellies sprinkled lovingly over Viennetta ice cream.

I have not indulged all these whims – my neighbour may have been upset if I had gatecrashed her family dinner – but I am depressingly not far off either.

I do feel a little guilty but I suppose it is rare for me to have such a pig out day and once in a while a little bit of what you fancy (or a lot in my case) does you good and helps you snuggle up in bed feeling deeply profoundly contented.




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