Self Evaluation

23 09 2013

evaluation 1Ahhh its that time of year again.

I must complete a dozen forms to justify my existance and beg to move up the payscale.

Apparently it is not sufficient to look at the grades achieved by my students, the countless drop in observations completed of my practice throughout the year, my contribution at department, faculty and whole school level or even my commitment to new whole school policy and practice.

One might think that consideration would be given to the fact that I ran the department for a year, completed the paperwork – useful and useless alike, managed a number of supply staff, set cover work, led the team through an Ofsted inspection.

But despite all the student voice activities, the success of my summer production, the organisation of readers for the carol service and entertainment for the outgoing head teachers retirement party consisting of original pieces of drama written specially for the occassion; I must REFLECT of the past year and EVALUATE what I learnt, the progress I made, how I could improve, what new training I would benefit from and what would be a good next step.

I question what else I can bring to the table. But nevertheless I must work it out and commit it to writing in triplicate!

Apparently a Tony the Tiger “I’m Great!” will not suffice – I know I checked.

I am all for professional development – but at what stage am I “developed enough”?




2 responses

23 09 2013
Mischief64 - AKA Caroline Fosbury

You’re right, it’s a pain, but if you ask sufficient colleagues to write your line manager a nice note on what you have done, you’re over half way there. The rest of us will write whatever you want for bribes! Xx

24 09 2013

Just make sure you use the word Outstanding somewhere!

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