Candy Crush Level 65

21 09 2013


I discovered Candy Crush over the summer holidays.

It is exactly the sort of game I should avoid like the plague. I have found it highly addictive and I have found myself waiting anxiously for my lives to reboot so I can continue to play.

However after a fairly good run I have become stuck on level 65 for what seems to have been an intollerable amount of time and before it ruins my life I am looking for any tips and tricks to help me move on.

I discovered an online conversation about it and it would appear that my frustration is shared by many players.

*SIGH* I could of course stop playing and find more worthy causes with which to fill my precious free time – but where would be the fun of that?




One response

22 09 2013
Mischief64 - AKA Caroline Fosbury

Well you could come visit me and rescue me from my Skylanders addiction! A worthy cause me thinks. Lol

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