Grand Theft Auto 5 Widow

17 09 2013


I would not generally describe FFOMC as the “bouncy” type, however tonight he bounced through the front door at the end of his working day full of the joys of spring and giddy as a teenager.

At midnight last night customers queued at gaming stores to acquire their copy of the latest in the GTA series.

FFOMC did not join the midnight fans but arrived home clutching his own copy that he bought before work. I made sure I checked his bag for scorch marks as this game appeared to be burning a hole in its canvass prison throughout the day begging to be played.

The first order of business after a beaming explanation of the nights entertainment was to complete the set up in the computer room, transferring cables and consoles, downloading goodness only knows what and readying his man-cave for what I anticipate will be a long night.

A short amount of time was allocated for a hasty dinner but I get the impression that had it taken longer than 25mins from his walking through the door that his would have been enjoyed on a tray and most definitely in the other room.

I have often joined the ranks of women abandoned by their partners on “new release day” and have resigned myself to the temporary (I hope) position of GTA5 Widow. Although I am hopeful that the position will be rendered more tolerable by FFOMC’s acquisition of a set of headphones so I cannot hear what I can only describe as the sultry drone of “ghetto slang” through the ever so thin walls.







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