Self Medicating

16 09 2013


If you have ever suffered with a back injury you will understand the excruciating pain it causes. There comes a point when lying on the sofa is no longer offering any sort relief and may in actual fact just cause the muscles to totally seize up due to lack of work.

After days of shovelling pain killers into my broken body and squirming from one uncomfortable position to another I have found the only things that are giving me comfort. White Chocolate buttons and chocolate éclairs.

Chocolate Eclairs

In truth I am not a massive fan of chocolate. The boxes given to me each Christmas live in my home for months without FFOMC or I paying them much attention but there is something nostalgic for me about these sweet treats.

The buttons in particular take me straight back to my childhood and as the packets are designed for small children they’re not too sickly.

I cannot really claim that they have made any discernible difference to my achy back but there has been a definite positive impact on my emotional health and wellbeing.





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